Be a Champion 🏆 = Earn free membership :awesome:

It’s our second year participating in I Live Here I Give Here’s annual Amplify Austin fundraiser and we need your help! The nice thing about helping here is that you can earn free membership doing so :awesome:

All you have to do is become a Fundraising Champion for Asmbly’s Amplify Austin fundraiser. Simply click the “Fundraise” button here to spin off your own sub-fundraiser where the funds you raise will be tracked separately. When you share your fundraiser with others, you’ll use your unique link.

We added more incentive levels for FCs this year, so there are more opportunities to earn free membership.

Here’s what you can earn:

  • Fundraise $250 or 10 unique donors - free month of membership
  • Fundraise $500 or 20 unique donors - 2 months of membership
  • Fundraise $1000 or 35 unique donors - 4 months of membership
  • Fundraise $2000 or 50 unique donors - free year of membership
  • Top 2 Fundraising Champions - Most Funds Raised and Most Unique Donors - honored on our ILHIGH plaque in the lobby and special gift!

More info and details for FCs further down in the Fundraising Champion Resources section.

About Amplify Austin

If you’re new in town or just haven’t heard about ILHIGH’s big annual fundraiser, you can get detailed info about it here. In a nutshell, it’s the biggest day of giving in Central Texas benefiting over 700 nonprofits in our area. The event is put on as 24 hours of giving starting at 6pm on 3/1, however early giving is open now and the fundraisers stay open for some time after 3/2 as well.

Many businesses around town take part in Amplify Austin by offering matching incentives to their employees. The list of businesses participating last year was massive (Do you or anyone you know work at any of these companies? - #2 by valerie)! The businesses participating this year are updated on this page here regularly. Businesses can sign up to participate up until 2/24, so if your employer isn’t on the current list please invite them to participate (info available here)!

Asmbly’s Fundraiser

Last year, we still had a lot of space and equipment improvements we really needed and focused on using the funds raised towards that effort. This year, we’re centering on outreach programs including our very first Asmbly scholarship fund being developed in partnership with The Settlement Home to benefit young adults transitioning out of foster care. The first scholarship recipients will come from The Settlement Home’s Transitional Living Program and will receive:

  • Orientation and Shop Safety Class — teaching them how to work in a community shop safely and harmoniously
  • 3 months of membership at Asmbly — providing access to shop space and equipment
  • Class credits — to learn specialized skills on industrial-grade equipment
  • Project kits — materials and project plans to practice their new skills
  • Community — the generous makers who make our community vibrant and endlessly creative (maybe even find a mentor?)

As this scholarship fund grows, we’ll partner with additional organizations for more scholarship candidates (a few orgs have already been earmarked!).

A portion of the funds raised will also go towards outreach programs such as community workshops at Asmbly with other organizations (e.g. owl boxes with Austin Area Wildlife Rehabilitation) and community projects like building little free libraries or pantries.


Thanks to last year’s Fundraising Champs, our first year participating in Amplify Austin went great! This is what we ended up with at the end of the fundraiser:

Now that we’ve got one under our belts, we’ve got big aspirations for this year!

Asmbly’s 2023 goals are:

  • 10 Fundraising Champions
    • 20 unique donors per FC (@devmani exceeded this goal last year!)
  • $15k total funds raised

Will you help us meet and exceed these goals? :awesome: :pray:

Fundraising Champion Resources

ILHIGH is great about helping make this fundraiser easy and fun! They have a comprehensive fundraiser guide here that includes tips, sample emails and social media posts, graphics you can use to make your own custom images, and walk through guides. We also have 20 of these yard signs from them and can get more if people want to take several. We will be customizing these to include Asmbly’s info and QR code (you can also customize it for your fundraiser page QR code instead!).

Please reply here or email to request one. Anyone can put out a yard sign, you don’t have to be an FC :slight_smile:

So what are you waiting for?

If you aren’t a Fundraising Champion for Asmbly already, sign up to be one here!

Discourse post links from last year:

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We’ve already got 3 Fundraising Champions signed up, so we’re already well on our way to meeting our first goal of having 10 FCs!

Making customizations on yard signs this weekend. Any Fundraising Champions want one customized for their fundraiser URL?

@jamesfreeman @Devmani @janitha @millan1118 @CrispinStichart @lagnajeet @Andres79 @Joaquim
(tagging some extra folks that seem like they’d be great FCs :grin:)

Friendly bump that Amplify Austin is coming up and it’s not too late to be a Fundraising Champion! Donations are open so you can start working towards free membership today!

Regardless of whether you sign up to be an FC, we’d greatly appreciate help spreading the word about this event as well as our kick off party at Austin Eastciders Wednesday 3/1 at 6pm. There are postcards on the Membership Coordinator desk you can grab to share with folks and yard signs next to the chairs.

Here’s a link to the Facebook event for the kickoff party for anyone who is on there –

We’ve got 4 hours left in Amplify Austin’s 24 hrs of giving! We’re getting close to hitting our monetary goal for the fundraiser this year, can you help us get to the finish line?

If you haven’t already, double check whether your employer or that of someone you know is on this list. These employers are offering matches for their employees, so their donations can have a greater impact!