Special 1st Wed Community Meeting - In Person :awesome:

If you subscribe to the Asmbly Events calendar (Asmbly Events calendar πŸ“†), then you may have noticed that we will not have our regularly scheduled 7:30P Zoom meeting this coming 1st Wednesday, March 1st. Instead we will be partnering with Austin Eastciders for an Amplify Austin Kickoff Party!

Join us at Austin Eastciders Collaboratory on Springdale at 6pm on Wednesday 3/1 to learn more about the Amplify Austin fundraiser, hear from some other great organizations raising funds this year, and play some yard games while enjoying delicious drinks.

Don’t forget, you can earn free membership to Asmbly by being a Fundraising Champion! Be a Champion πŸ† = Earn free membership :awesome:

Bumping this! Looking forward to seeing lots of folks here!


Here’s the Facebook link for anyone that is on there and wants to share with others –

Who all is coming to hang out in person tomorrow?

Also exciting news for the fundraiser, we secured a donation match challenge for our event! If we raise $5,000 by 8pm, we’ll receive another $5,000!

Help us meet that goal and bring all your friends out to Austin Eastciders Collaboratory!


@valerie I hope to be there. LMK if you want me to bring anything to help. I’ve added my donation portal to my socials already this morning.


Thanks to everyone who came out last night! It was a great time, and who knew @dannym was a cornhole ringer!!!


Thanks so much to everyone that made it out! It was great seeing everyone and meeting some new folks @dannym @LivingOnTheEdgeKupec @michleon100 @cbrtrk @Andres79 @Felipeg101 @CardonaComics @mkmiller6 @renhong @Joaquim

HUGE thanks to everyone that helped with the event and made games! @DirtHurt @dingusfarms @jamesfreeman @Jordanva2 @torchedguitar @ashleyrlee

(apologies in advance to folks on Discourse that I missed here!)

If you have pictures from the event, please share them here!


I only took a few pictures - as attached!

Good to see everyone!