Asmbly Events calendar 📆

Want to stay on top of free events at Asmbly like Oh Sew Social, Entrepreneur in a Box, and Community meetings? If you use Google Calendar, you can now add our public events calendar to stay in the know. Click the link here to add it.


I use Google Calendar, but that link is not adding the ASMBLY calendar to it.

@sneezix, that’s interesting. I’m not sure what could be going wrong there. I’ve tried it on non-Asmbly Google accounts I have and it has worked for me. The link in this post is from the “Get shareable link” button here:

This is the link seen in the screenshot for Learn more about sharing your calendar.

@valerie Okay, it worked when I did it from my laptop, just not from my iPhone. Thanks!

How would I correct a slight mistake in the calendar? The Vanlife Trials and Tribulations SIG meeting is the last Tuesday at 7pm and not 7:30pm.

Thanks for noticing and mentioning @beirdo! @ashleyrlee would be the first person to go to for help with this. I can first that one right now though.

Weird, the timezone was also incorrectly set to Central Mexico City (-6) instead of Central Chicago (-5). It’s corrected now.

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Also, FYI this is now embedded on the website at Asmbly | Events with a main navigation item at the top of the page.

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