SxSW Interactive - Asmbly Activation

If you subscribe to our events calendar (Asmbly Events calendar ๐Ÿ“†), you may have already noticed this. We have a FREE SxSW Interactive event set up at Native Hostel downtown this Monday 3/13 from 12p-3p!

@Jordanva2 is organizing this event with the help of @ashleyrlee @JRO and @tomthm โ€“ who will be demoing the Shaper Origin โ€“ as well as @JCicolani who will be demoing his diode laser (moving our lasers isnโ€™t feasible :sweat_smile:). Weโ€™ll also bring the awesome Connect 4 that @DirtHurt and @dingusfarms made!

If youโ€™d like to help with this event โ€“ whether itโ€™s set up, tear down, social media promotion, or just being there during the event to experience it and tell people about Asmbly โ€“ please pipe up here and/or reach out to @Jordanva2!


If youโ€™re on social media, please help with this event by interacting with the posts about it! It helps increase the visibility and keep the posts at the top of the feeds!

They want Asmbly out the door by 3p, so the fun will be going on up until 2:30p. Stop by Native Hostel if you can!