ILHIGH Amplify Austin 2023 Recap

Realizing as I search for the post for the recap of this year’s Amplify Austin fundraiser, that I failed to post it :flushed: Donation matches and final tallies for the Amplify Fund distribution are slow and take several months to roll in, but I’ve been sitting on the results for over a month now so I apologize for the tardiness here!

With the help of our Fundraising Champions – @jamesfreeman @Jordanva2 and Christopher Jirka, donors, and generous company matches, we were able to raise $21,078. :partying_face: :tada: This is over 4x what we raised last year! As mentioned in the fundraiser, these donations are going towards outreach programs at Asmbly such as the New Maker Scholarship Program and others (we’ve got some exciting stuff in the works going live soon!).

Our top two Fundraising Champions won $100 gift cards to the supplier of their choice. As a laser lover, @Jordanva2 opted for Houston Acrylic and @jamesfreeman chose Woodcraft. Congrats y’all and thank you for helping us have an incredible Amplify Austin!

Side note, this is a big annual fundraiser Asmbly participates in every year and each year we hold a competition for Fundraising Champions to win prizes including free membership (Be a Champion 🏆 = Earn free membership :awesome:). Keep an eye out for info on next year’s fundraiser at the beginning of the year for your next chance to win while helping make your makerspace better!


Anyone surprised by those results? Thanks @Jordanva2 and @jamesfreeman for everything you guys do around the space!


@HannaKessler it’s not too surprising that we did a lot better than last year given we’re a much more known now than we were a year ago. Last year’s Fundraising Champions raised about $1.6K collectively whereas this year’s FCs raised almost $4k collectively (that alone is close to what our final total was last year).

The company matches and Amplify Fund contributions are extremely significant in the Amplify Austin fundraiser – they accounted for $8.4K this year. That aspect is why we put a lot of attention and effort into this fundraiser since it is a major city-wide event with a ton of participating companies/organizations providing ways to amplify donations. :wink: