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I’m excited to announce that it is our third year participating in I Live Here I Give Here’s annual Amplify Austin fundraiser! As we enter this fundraising season, we need your help! As you help fundraise for Asmbly, you can also earn free membership in doing so!

All you have to do is become a Fundraising Champion for Asmbly’s Amplify Austin fundraiser. Simply click the “Fundraise” button here to spin off your own sub-fundraiser where the funds you raise will be tracked separately. When you share your fundraiser with others, you’ll use your unique link so that their contributions are tracked as fundraised directly through you!

There are several incentive levels for Fundraising Champions, which mean several opportunities to earn free membership!

Here’s what you can earn:

  • Fundraise $250 or 10 unique donors - free month of membership
  • Fundraise $500 or 20 unique donors - 2 months of membership
  • Fundraise $1000 or 35 unique donors - 4 months of membership
  • Fundraise $2000 or 50 unique donors - free year of membership

In addition to the rewards above, our Top 2 Fundraising Champions will be honored on our ILHIGH plaque in the lobby and receive a special gift!

More info and details for FCs can be found further down in the Fundraising Champion Resources section.

About Amplify Austin

If you’re new in town or just haven’t heard about ILHIGH’s big annual fundraiser, you can get detailed info about it here. In a nutshell, it’s the biggest day of giving in Central Texas benefiting over 700 nonprofits in our area. The event is put on as 24 hours of giving starting at 6pm on 3/6, however early giving is open now and the fundraisers stay open for some time after 3/6 as well.

Many businesses around town take part in Amplify Austin by offering matching incentives to their employees. The list of businesses participating last year was massive (Do you or anyone you know work at any of these companies?)! The businesses participating this year are updated on this page here regularly. Businesses can sign up to participate up until 2/24, so if your employer isn’t on the current list please invite them to participate (info available here)!

Asmbly’s Fundraiser

2023 Focus

Last year, we focused our efforts on outreach programs including our very first Asmbly scholarship fund being developed in partnership with Grace 365 to benefit young adults transitioning out of foster care. Read more about it in this post — Be a Champion 🏆 = Earn free membership :awesome:

Thanks to last year’s Fundraising Champions, our second year participating in Amplify Austin went great!

As this scholarship fund grows, we’ll partner with additional organizations for more scholarship candidates (we’ve already connected with a few orgs that have been earmarked!).

2024 Focus

Exciting possibilities are on the horizon at Asmbly! Since we began operations a few short years ago, we’ve grown our membership and shop areas substantially. With all the growth we’ve seen, our physical space is starting to feel the squeeze of this incredible progress. We’re close to bursting at the seams within our current walls and are working on ways to expand our footprint and offerings. This year’s Amplify Austin campaign will be one of the driving forces behind our ambitious expansion plans.

We’re committed to finding solutions that accommodate our growth in alignment with our mission while safeguarding the vibrant community we have built thus far. While expansion requires an investment and we won’t be able to achieve everything we aspire to right away, we’re confident that funds raised through this year’s Amplify Austin will enable us to add new offerings in the year ahead. At the top of our list is ceramics with electric kilns and throwing wheels, and a hot shop. Our community and donors will be the first to hear about the progress along this journey and we’re eternally grateful for your support!

Asmbly’s 2024 goals are:

  • 10 Fundraising Champions
    • 20 unique donors per FC
  • $50k total funds raised

Will you help us meet and exceed these goals?

Fundraising Champion Resources

ILHIGH is great about helping make this fundraiser easy and fun! They have a comprehensive fundraiser guide here that includes tips, sample emails and social media posts, graphics you can use to make your own custom images, and walk through guides. We also have 20 of these yard signs from them and can get more if people want to take several. We will be customizing these to include Asmbly’s info and QR code (you can also customize it for your fundraiser page QR code instead!).

Please reply here or email to request one. Anyone can put out a yard sign, you don’t have to be an FC!

So what are you waiting for?

If you aren’t a Fundraising Champion for Asmbly already, sign up to be one here!

Discourse post links from previous years:

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We already have 4 Fundraising Champions and a $500 donation! :scream: :awesome:

Who else wants to help raise money for Asmbly while earning free membership? Fundraisers like this help us afford more space and tools, so it’s a big win win for members to help out!