It's not too late to become a Fundraising Champion! Here are some tips to success:

Hello Asmbly Community!

Thank you to those who have already signed up to be a Fundraising Champion for Asmbly during this fundraising season! If you haven’t signed up yet and still want to, it’s not too late! Please see details on this last post about it! Remember, this is a great way to earn free Asmbly membership! Our Amplify Austin Day event will be located at Austin Eastciders Collaboratory - Taproom on Wednesday, March 6th @ 6:00pm, but fundraising has already opened and you can accept donations now! Fun fact - a lot of our donations actually come from either before or after the actual Amplify Austin Day push! When you go to our page, we have a profile set up with our story, donation levels, and thank you note, so now is a great time to hone in on fundraising! Your donors will be able to read about our mission, cause, and what their donations will directly benefit – our expansion! You can also use this information to create a template to reach out to donors with.

In years past, I have found that clearly communicating a story for your ask helps when fundraising. People want to give when they feel drawn to the cause! Additionally, I think as a fundraiser it’s best to contact people individually - even if through email, people seem to respond better to an individual outreach than a mass communications type delivery. Make it as easy as possible for them, providing your direct link and guiding them through the process if they struggle with technology. Also make sure you check to see if your company price matches, as many in Austin do up to a certain point. Those are the main tips I have from previous experience, but I would be happy to share more if you have any questions!

Good Luck and Happy Fundraising!!

Jordan Varat
Director of Outreach

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