Did you catch us on Fox 7 this morning? :awesome:

I Live Here I Give Here recommended us to Fox 7 for a news segment during Amplify Austin and @Jordanva2 and I were on air live this morning talking about Asmbly and doing a laser demo. :star_struck: This was Asmbly’s TV debut, but we’re already in talks with them about the next much longer segment!

Check out the video below and share it with everyone you know!

Also, while the 24 hrs of giving is “officially” over, I Live Here I Give Here will be keeping fundraisers live for several weeks to come (at least through the end of SxSW, possibly even the end of the month). If you’re a Fundraising Champion, there’s still plenty of time to raise funds and get your free months of membership!


That was brilliant @valerie @Jordanva2, you both did an amazing job!


Great work! Definitely will try the big laser in the future.