Texas Woodworking Festival

I’ve mentioned this in recent member meetings and newsletters, but have failed to post about it on here to promote it. Better late than never, right?

We have a table at Texas Woodworking Festival this year! :tada: What is TWF you ask? Something like a farmer’s market for woodworkers meeting a beer festival. It’s delightful and we’ve got a prime spot near the demonstration stage right next to Woodcraft’s table. Here are the deets on the event:

Fair Market
1100 E 5th St, Austin, TX 78702
Saturday September 4th
11 AM to 5 PM
Tickets available here

I went to the last one of these they had (their first actually) and it was a lot of fun. This year will be a lot bigger and have really cool stuff like a demonstration from Shaper Origin (handheld CNC), raffles, awesome sawmills like Berdoll and Harvest Lumber, and other woodworkers like April Wilkerson and Warmade Wood.

It feels a little weird with how things are going with COVID right now, but this event is in a big open venue with lots of air flow (Fair Market) so that helps a lot. Masks are also strongly encouraged and provided at the door for anyone who doesn’t already have one (this is at least the current plan, I’ll update if I hear differently). All staff at the event will be masked.


Additional info on COVID precautions from the venue –

Fair Market COVID Procedures:

  • Hand sanitizer and COVID-19 information available for all visitors

  • Event space cleaned and sanitized before each event

  • Use of cleaning products and protocols which meet CDC and EPA guidelines, are approved for use and effectively fight against viruses, bacteria and other air and blood borne pathogens

  • Continued exploration of additional sanitation tools and staying abreast of all new developments regarding the most effective methods and products to employ

  • Extra cleaning and sanitizing of public or frequent contact spaces, including entrance doors, handrails, and public bathrooms

  • Doors and windows will remain open to increase fresh air flow where possible

  • Employee temperature checks at the start of every shift

  • Employee training on COVID-19 safety and sanitation protocols

  • Appropriate PPE for all staff

Here’s their official page for COVID aspects of the event. This will be the place to go for latest info on that - COVID – Texas Woodworking Festival

Wish I could come, but I’ll be out of town. Hope its a good time!!

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What time should volunteers show up in the morning?

Good question. I’m trying to get a schedule finalized by tonight and will send an email out and post here. For people there in the morning, they want us to have our table fully set up by 10:30 at the latest. Our setup is super simple so that part should be really quick. There is still a bit of prep to be done beforehand though. Realizing it would be really nice if someone could make a couple of holders for our postcards to be displayed on the table.

I sent the volunteer info out via email to the volunteers I have written down for Saturday. If you haven’t volunteered yet but would like to, let me know so I can include you! We still have 1 hr chunk slots open for running the table between 1 and 5p. We’ve got a limited number of exhibitor badges for entry, so if you’d like to volunteer and get one of those speak fast!

@carsuaga @JennChilds @dannym

Here’s some photos from the event


Such a great event yesterday! We talked to hundreds of people interested in Asmbly, passed out 80 class flyers, over 200 info postcards, and lots of keychains and stickers. Huge thanks to many members for making this event so successful –
@torchedguitar who helped with the final wheel construction and all the load in load out.
@iisword who volunteered the whole day from load in to load out and talked to countless people about Asmbly.
@jamesfreeman who volunteered at the booth and made the beautiful epoxy and wood table we used.
@cfstaley who CNCed the prize wheel, volunteered at the booth, and brought beautiful examples of work made at Asmbly.
@dannym who volunteered at the booth and brought beautiful CNC carvings to show how intricate the CNC can be.
@JennChilds who volunteered at the booth and told countless people about Asmbly.
@tomthm who made a special trip to drop off extra keychains (which we totally used!!).
@TravisGood who volunteered at the booth promoting Asmbly and drawing people in to spin the prize wheel.
@gmossessian who volunteered for the tail of the day and talked to people about what Asmbly offers.
@Mollie who CNCed the center piece for the prize wheel with the Asmbly logo.
@JoeN who helped with some of the metalwork.
@jon who got the TV stand ordered and setup; it was a huge draw in and really leveled up our booth!
Also thanks to @wdnatx and @Jon for being quick to respond over Slack for digital needs during the event.


Well done using that beautiful wood table instead of a plastic folding one!


A huge shout out to @valerie and Jason for all the behind the scenes prep work and late hours. I think it was a great success and hopefully spread our name around.


I got a chance to see some of the great work our members produce. Pretty amazing stuff. Thanks to all of you who put this together, and staffed the booth.


@Valerie can’t compliment herself but I can certainly heap on the praise.
Without a doubt, this event succeeded because of her super efforts.
We talked several times the week before and she was alway hard at work.

Kudos for all your efforts and the fantastic results they produced. Thank you‼️


Just curious if we’ve seen any numbers from the Festival. I spoke with a new member doing the safety class last night, who referenced the festival as his reason for joining.

So far only one account in Neon that specified TWF as the referral source. Kinda surprised we haven’t seen more, but maybe it’s also early to tell.

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