Project photos for sizzle reel

Hey all! As you’ve probably heard, Asmbly will have an exhibitor table at Texas Woodworking Festival. We’re going to bring one of the TVs from the space on a stand to show off all things Asmbly.

I would love to put together a slideshow of member projects to share. If you’re willing to contribute, please share any photos or videos you have of things you’ve made at the space here (or link me to a post where you’ve already shared them). It would be especially awesome to have build in process pics/videos at the space, so please do share those as well if you have them!

Thanks in advance! :mario_star:

Just bumping this thread. If you have any pics, particularly ones taken at the space, I’d love to include them in our sizzle reel for Asmbly! Happy to add people’s instagram handles if desired as well.

This might be something we end up having running on the TV on the wall in the entry once we get that cleaned up more.