Share pictures of your projects

I’ve been trying my hand at whittling for about a year now, and have a few pieces that are finally getting close to finished… Here’s the pieces I’ve been putting some finishing touches on recently. All walnut except for the top right one which is some really pretty white wood that I have been unable to find out the name of (if anyone has any ideas please let me know). Definitely some DNA inspiration going on…


I’ve done a few since I joined. Cnc routed sign, filled with epoxy. Toolbox top glue up and sizing. Cnc flattened epoxy pour coffee table, and my most recent, cnc carved Aluminum badge for a charity donation.


That brick cutting board is dope! I’ve been wanting to make one myself.

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Here’s my first woodworking project! Pretty proud of the outcome.


Hi Everyone, I hope you Christmas vacation is going well.
Here’s a few projects I’ve been able to work on during my time of unemployment.

A couple river tables using cedar. There’s another one I’m trying to make for my place using mesquite but haven’t had time so far.

A little 3d wall art using mahogany, cherry, walnut and maple.

A jewelry box for my wife’s birthday. The shelf was made using the cnc.

An end grain cutting board for a friend


These are so awesome! I am actually working on a river end table and was wondering if you have any suggestions/tips and what resin/epoxy you used? Hope you are having a good Christmas vacation too :blush:

If you haven’t used epoxy before, and you’re looking for a cheap learning epoxy… I recommend the 2 gallon kit on Amazon. It’s like $110 for the whole kit, which is the cheapest I’ve found. Makes it a little less nerve raking if you make mistakes, or mix too much up and have waste epoxy.


I’ve used epoxy for small projects, but plan on doing a river end table and just realized how much epoxy it needs. I also started using Fusion360 to make sure everything fits and I have enough epoxy before starting the projects. Trial and error for sure! Thanks for the advice and is this the one you are talking about?

Hi Meagan,

Thank you!! River tables are fun to make but sometimes tricky. The epoxy I’ve been buying is probably very similar to the one you found. It’s the pro marine ( and the most important with it is to really mix at a ratio of 1:1. One day I messed up and added more of one than the other and it never cured. I had to cover the uncured one with an extra layer but it was a mess.
The second most important is to make sure you don’t pour more than 1/4 inch thick at a time. Another time I did 3/4 inch thick and it started overheating and smoking in my apartment creating a lot of bubbles in the table that had to be sanded afterwards.

Usually I’m able to do 3 pours a day if I start early enough so if your table is a 1.5 inch you should be able to do the 6 pours in 2 days.

I try to seal my edges with epoxy before my first pour to reduce the amount of bubble and to put a bead of silicone all around my wood and mold so that I’m not wasting epoxy.

Good luck to you :slightly_smiling_face:

These are all very cool. It’s nice to see people’s projects. I love the bed frame! @gordoa40 been thinking about doing one myself. Is it very involved?

I sell cutting boards online so I’d been doing a bunch of them before the holiday. Ready to start trying some new projects though.


Meagan, I use Liquid Glass epoxy as you can do 2” pours at once. It is a 2:1 mix ratio with a long set up time. There was just a 35% off discount for the holidays so that would help with the $259 “normal” price on their 3 Ga kit. This desktop was 8.5L that I did all at once.


@cmadisondesigns Thanks Cierra! It was a fun project for sure. Making a big project like a bed is not much more technically difficult than smaller things, but it definitely is more cumbersome and small errors can really show in the larger format, like getting angles wrong or something. That said, if you’re careful the sheer size of the wood you need is the main annoying part. If I did it again, I’d figure out a better way to connect the long runners on the sides to the headboard and footboard assemblies, as the method I chose was a bit tricky to get right. Let me know if you think about trying it or if you want any other advice!

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For our SDFWA Mothers Day gift sale I made a few of these dresser vallet …

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@TravisGood Austin School of Furniture and Design has had some recent classes on kumiko, keep a lookout for more of them in the future if you’re interested in being more of a purist… maybe in some not-to-distant future they will even be taught in meatspace.


Is it OK with everyone if I use pictures from this thread in the sizzle reel for TWF this Saturday? Tagging people who posted pictures, feel free to lazily consent by hearting this post. :sweat_smile:

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Also happy to throw a instagram handle on these if people want, just reply with your handle to let me know. Also if anyone has more picture, particularly pictures of the build in process at the shop, I would love to add those as well. You can post here or in this post below.

Thank you!!


Here are my coffee storage tubes!


Here’s a bookshelf I made last year


There’s some fantastic stuff posted in this thread! Well done everyone :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this board will parse videos, but since that’s the best way to show the purpose of my project, I’ll put it below.

I make linocut prints of movie monsters hanging around landmarks in Austin, TX. I don’t really know why, but I enjoy making them – there’s Godzilla on Sixth Street, King Kong on Frost Tower, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man on Congress Avenue.

Anyway, I wanted a way to store/display these prints in a way that would continue the theme. After watching too much Adam Savage YouTube videos during the lockdown, I thought of a military unit tasked with monitoring kaiju, with my prints acting as the photographs. This would be a normal thing in that universe (“well yes, of course we monitor kaiju”), located roughly in that 50s/60s sweet spot of monster movies. I wanted to come up with a box that would work in that scenario and this is what I ended up with:


OMG @Branislav those are fantastic and what a clever storage/display case! I’d love to add these to the member project sizzle reel if you want to email me some photos and videos ( I’ve got a bunch of admin type projects to do before circling back to work on that again, so no rush. This video is really growing into something that will be so fun to have running at the space!

Thanks for the kind words, @valerie – email sent!