Share project pictures - spring edition

Time for another show and tell. I would love to see photos of anyone’s projects. If you feel like sharing. And it’s fun to see things at any stage - completed, in-process, or even something you’ve abandoned :crazy_face:

I had a random door, and needed to try a few painting techniques. So I made this for a friend, with each stripe representing a Marvel character


My new job’s start date got pushed back a week, so with my free time, I decided to make some presents for my board game group.

The first is an organizer (basically a bunch of smaller boxes to put in a larger box) that I made on Big Red with 1/8" Baltic Birch.

And the second was my first 3D print ever! It’s a cradle that holds a game box and spins (the box points to different areas on the board).


Live edge carved tray. Spalted pecan with cold cast brass fill. Just finished.


Live Edge Mesquite dining room table. 48" wide x 96" long. Custom steel legs.
Used the CNC Router to flatten the bottom before running the top through a wide belt sander.


Housewarming present in quartersawn walnut and white oak. He’s a videogames journalist and into japanese styling so we tried to work that into the base.

Big steel cross for a client in tarrytown. Small dog for scale.

Current work-in-progress with a Lyndee for scale


Is it OK with everyone if I use pictures from this thread in the sizzle reel for TWF this Saturday? Tagging people who posted pictures, feel free to lazily consent by hearting this post. :sweat_smile:

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Also happy to throw a instagram handle on these if people want, just reply with your handle to let me know. Also if anyone has more picture, particularly pictures of the build in process at the shop, I would love to add those as well. You can post here or in this post below.

Thank you!!

:+1: permission granted


Absolutely! Our Instagram handle is @mckinleywoodworking

Here’s a finished product of that wardrobe.


Permission granted.