Laser Room Workstation Design Contest! 🎁

With our new lasers and new flooring, we want to show off our laser room with new furniture. What better way than to have laser cut tables for the lab. And who better to design it than our members! We are looking for your design for workstation tables in the Laser Lab.

What’s in it for you? The winner will receive $50 off any class at Asmbly! :tada: With lots of new specialty tool and special topics classes getting lined up for the schedule, this is a pretty exciting reward! And of course, your table design will be used at all of the laser stations.

Here’s the layout for the laser room – You are designing those green computer stations.

Proposals must be submitted by midnight February 13. You can submit a proposal by posting a link to a Google Doc with info on this thread or if you prefer you can email it to Proposals should include a material list as well as design specs. We’ll announce the winner here on Discourse!


  • 37" tall - drafting table height
  • 2’ x 3’ top surface
  • 3/4 plywood stock that can be lasercut and assembled. Other hardware optional based on your design.
  • Room for monitor arm mount to the tabletop like this one from Amazon here
  • Undermounted shelf to hold a PC workstation (tabletop portion will just have monitor arm, keyboard, and mouse)

You can propose embellishments, trays (@JoeN has a good tool tray here that will work well for Blue and Pearl, we just need a volunteer to CNC it), location of the PC shelf, etc. We do want to keep the PC off the floor and NOT on the top work surface.

So 3/4 plywood, laser cut, 2’x3’ surface, 37 inches tall – GO!

can we get the actual thickness(not nominal)
of the plywood that will be used?

The exact material hasn’t been purchased so not totally sure exact thickness, but I would imagine we’d use the BB from Fine Lumber that Tarkin can cut. Designers can suggest specifics there.

What kind of legs will be used on the table?

Designers choice! The whole thing could be similar to the desk for Blue and be movable or it could all be wall mounted or regular legs. Whatever you can dream up that could be cut on Tarkin :awesome:

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Just FYI the “(3/4”)" Baltic birch that lasers well has an actual thickness of 18mm.

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I’m imagining miniature prototypes being made in 1/4" ply and it’s kind of exciting to picture. That probably would be a smart idea to do :awesome:

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I’m a bit late to this party, and won’t have time to submit anything. Probably too late to provide anyone much inspiration, but here goes anyway.

Some years back I wanted to make myself a curved corner desk. While looking for inspiration I stumbled upon a desk that looked quite nice and assembled without any tools. Ultimately, I went with a different design because I didn’t have access to a cnc or laser.

The vertical pieces hook together, and setting the top down locks everything in place. Tolerances probably need to be pretty tight to keep it from wobbling. Zero tools or fasteners would more than make up for that, I’d say.

The desk I did end up making is quite different from what you’d want for lasers, but if curious pics can be seen at

Two features I will replicate in any future desk I make:

  • corner cutouts for cables, with a metal strip to keep the cables from straying and getting pinched against the wall
    • the metal strip I used was actually the stainless steel stiffener from a windshield wiper
    • cutouts can be seen in some pics, but I don’t think the metal strip is visible in any.
  • 1x4 at an angle under the table top, does triple duty:
    • stiffens the table
    • cable tray
    • mounting point for power strips, network switch, etc.
    • some photos of this at the very end of the album
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I think we’re going to extend this contest a bit longer, maybe another week or so. Putting a poll to see interest…

I would submit a design if you gave me…

  • 1 more week (2/6)
  • 2 more weeks (2/13)
  • 3 more weeks (2/20)

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Is the design for just the main work table? Or is it multiple smaller desks?

Design is for the computer stations, so one at each laser.

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OK, deadline is changing on this to 2/13!

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Friendly reminder the deadline for this is this Sunday 2/13!