Join the Planning Committee for Asmbly's 1st annual Holiday Bazaar! 🎊 💸

We’re starting a new annual tradition this year of a weekend long holiday shopping event featuring Asmbly members at Asmbly! We have learned a few key details like the fact that as a nonprofit we can get a TABC license for an event allowing us to serve alcohol (minimum event length was 2 days, hence the weekend long aspect) and what better way to draw people in and loosen their wallets than with a little beer and wine! :beer: :wine_glass: :woozy_face:

This event is in the early planning stages and we’re looking for a core group of interested members to join the planning committee to help sort out the details. I’ve done several of these types of events as a vendor (most recently Classic Game Fest 7/23-7/24 :mario_powerup:) and I know many other members have as well like @LivingOnTheEdgeKupec and @cklampe.

Join this committee with me and help form a new tradition that both members and the Austin community can start looking forward to each year! Feel free to reply here with your interest or reach out to me directly.


Do you know what rough range of dates it’d be? I’d be interested in helping/participating but I’ll be traveling during the holidays

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We’re thinking somewhere in the late November to mid December range, but no date set yet. That’s part of what the planning committee will help decide :awesome:

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I would be interested to a part of the planning committee .

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I am interested in Planning committee so please let me know when the meetings take place.

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Yay! I will be sure to include both of you :smile: I’m thinking mid August for the first official meeting.

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I’m very interested in helping out! Unfortunately, I won’t be back in Austin until September 1st, but I can participate in any remote meetings prior!

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That works great, I’ll add you to the list @ksavietta! It will definitely be a virtual meeting for this first one. We’ll have a meeting at the space later on in the process once we get to the planning stages of where things will go within the physical space.

Count me in V.

I Would like to help with planning, and I would like to set up to sell. I may hit the road for a bit, around Oct though. I could also get us some, as well as be some musical entertainment if we decide to have some.

Yay! I’ve got y’all marked down as well. Entertainment options sound like an awesome idea!

I’ll email the group this weekend or early next week to figure out our first meeting time.

Looking forward to first meeting

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I don’t know that I can commit to being on the committee, but I’d love to be kept in the loop and help out on an ad-hoc basis, if that’s okay! :slight_smile:

Absolutely @cam! Once we settle on the meeting date/time, I will post the info here so anyone who wants to pop in more casually is welcome to do so. When we get closer to the event itself, there will also be lots of one-off things people can do to contribute.

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Alright, we settled on next Tuesday 8/16 from 5-6p over Zoom for the first planning committee meeting. All are welcome, especially if you think you might be interested in joining to help. There are a lot of different facets of events like this and lots of various ways to help. Be warned – if you throw out cool ideas for things we should do, your help may be requested for getting them done :wink: :awesome:

Topic: Holiday Bazaar Planning Committee Meeting
Time: Aug 16, 2022 05:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
Meeting ID: 897 9719 1271 Passcode: 485662

FYI to all, we landed on a date and time! The Asmbly shop will be closed for this event from 12/10 at 5a until 12/11 at 5pm, so no bookings or shop use during this time. Plenty of communication will go out around this and the booking is already made in Skedda.

Save the date!

Saturday December 10th – 12p to 6p
Sunday December 11th – 11a to 4p

We’ll have vendor applications opening up next month once we have more details compiled. Since it is our first run at this and we want to prove to both members and the public that it’ll be a bangin’ event (:wink: @cmetcalf) with lots of items purchased and vendors to purchase from, vendor booths will be free!

I’ve got an extensive marketing plan lined up and have no doubt there will be an excellent turnout for this event. If you are interested in vending, be sure to pay attention to emails from for application details and more info. We will have a limited number of spaces available and also want to ensure a good variety of items.

Also if you are interested in joining the planning committee, it’s not too late for that either. We have a Basecamp project we’re collaborating on and will have a few more meetings for sorting out additional details. Let me know if you’d like to be added!


Sorry I was not able to make that meeting. Let me know if you would like me to find some musical entertainment and what our budget is if we have one for Music. I probably know people that would play for nothing but paid entertainment generally sounds better. If we have a budget for it and they are available I would like to get Guy Forsyth and his wife Jeska… ( or even just one of them.) Guy is one of our best local musicians. I think he even generally wins the polls in the Austin Chronicle in that category. His wife is a bluesy goddess! They are my buddies.

I can play a set but I would also like to vend so I would like to keep my set kind of short as I will have to find somebody to watch my booth. Half hour to an hour.
I’m used to playing acoustic but getting used to playing electric and I have a line six amplifier (midsize) a mic stand and a couple mics. It may be enough of a sound system? Not too sure because I am new to playing electric… I generally play acoustic.

Here’s my audition via YouTube… from a set I played at the lost Pines Art Center and Bastrop.


We’re huge Guy Forsyth fans.

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Love your voice @HelenH! Guy Forsyth would be a huge name to have. What would something like that even cost? I think it’ll be best for live music to happen inside the main shop area so it’s drawing people inside the space which means it’d need to be small setup. Definitely don’t want that outside and have people come for that and never make it into the space.

Thanks for the compliment! I can go mellow or I can rock. Not sure what Guy would charge but I could definitely reach out and ask him. He is all about good causes, as is his wife. With us being a nonprofit and offering so much to the community, I think he’d give us a great deal if he was available. And if he is not available his wife Jeska Forsyth is a powerhouse. She may be available if Guy is not… though combined they are the best! She is also a talented mixed media artist. Music inside makes sense. Are we going to have booths inside like at the open house? I just might need to be close to my booth if I play a music set. Definitely wanna set up a booth. Could go either way on playing music.