Classic Game Fest 7/23-7/24 :mario_powerup:

I keep forgetting to post about this on here, so apologies for the short notice! If you’ve seen me at the space lately, I’ve been working on lots of new items for my booth at Classic Game Fest :mario_star: this year which is this weekend. It’s a HUGE retro video game convention with free arcade games, video game themed bands and DJs, guest speakers and panels, a costume contest, and tons of vendors (like me :awesome:).

If you like old video games at all or have kids and want to show them what games were like in the old days (they even bring in Apple IIGS and other old PC games), come check it out! And if you do come, be sure to stop by my booth and say hi. I’ll be dressed like Chun Li one or both days depending on how exhausted I am prepping the next few days :sweat_smile:


Awesome. @jiggliemon and I will be there Sunday. If anyone wants to meet up let me know.


Nice work!

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Nice to meet you today!

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So great to meet you @HannaKessler ! Thanks for stopping by!