WORK DAY! - August 20 - 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

August 20 will be our next work day! It has been several months, so it’s time for another work day, and we’ll need your help! If you only have 2 hours, great, come on over.

August 20, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Equipment maintenance, facilities improvements? We, the members do it. ASMBLY is a volunteer run workspace. Some of us usually get here around 8-8:30, to eat tacos, set up coffee, plan the day. Come on over and have a taco and delicious coffee before you get busy.
At lunch time, we’ll have pizza.

It doesn’t matter how much you know, as there will be a number of teams doing a variety of projects. Power, air, plumbing, moving stuff, ducting, etc…

Some projects proposed for August 20:
More power drops in Workshop
More airdrops in workshop
Rearrange metal shop
Flooring in eLab
Finish out dust collector and automate
Shop sink faucet - replace
Move sheet storage
3D Printing space improvements
Air drops in the Laser Room

We’ll get as much done as we can.

This is your Makerspace, so come on over Saturday, August 20 and help out.
What? You already have plans for Saturday, August 20, but you want to still help out? Awesome! Head over to Volunteers Needed area of Discourse and check out projects there, or contact and say that you want to help with a project. There are always projects in queue, even without workdays. If you think of a project that you want to propose, let us know. Again - this is YOUR Makerspace.


Are we thinking that we’ll be able to make space for the fiber laser in this workday?

I would think we can if the fiber laser is ready to move. I imagine that’d be great to have extra hands helping move.

We still need a layout plan from the metal/machine shop peeps (which should be including you @iheartblocks, not sure if meetings have occurred).

They haven’t. That’s on me - I got busy at work again and haven’t gotten a meeting together. I’ve had some 1:1 discussions with folks and will just put together a proposal for general feedback


I’ll be there!

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Plenty of time to come help out today and pizza to fuel you!