Aug 3rd Community Meeting (1st Wed) at 7:30 PM

Same time same place – community meeting is tonight over Zoom at 7:30 PM. Come discuss our upcoming work day and find out how to get involved. WORK DAY! - August 20 - 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Topic: Asmbly First Wednesday Community Meeting Time: August 3, 2022 07:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada) Every month on the First Wednesday

Here’s the agenda for tonight’s community meeting – Community Meeting 2022/08/03 - Google Docs

yikes! Can we get an announcement a bit earlier? This looks like it only came through a few hrs beforehand. It was already over before I saw the announcement

@dannym the meeting is at the exact same time and place every month. The announcement here is mostly just to provide a convenient link to the agenda. It was also in the Mailchimp sent out Tuesday.

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I’m on some community mailing list (I got the “Things to Know” email on Aug 3rd), but I didn’t get any emails from Asmbly on Tuesday. I did see in last month’s meeting notes that this would be the date/time of August’s meeting, but I assumed it got cancelled when I didn’t see any announcements or Zoom links - I’m fairly new, and didn’t know it was at the same time/place every month.

Can I be added to whichever mailing list this email was sent out to? I’d be interested in joining in the future. :slight_smile:

Done, thanks for mentioning @cam! For reference, this is the email from Tuesday that I mentioned – Mailchimp update 8/2/22 I always post a link to it on Discourse right after we send it out.

@ashleyrlee maybe we should add in the new member orientation a mention of the monthly community meetings every 1st Wed at 7:30p over Zoom? We should say that they aren’t mandatory but are a great way to learn what’s going on at the space and get more involved.