We're having a party! 🎉

Next month marks 1 yr of Asmbly being in full operation and we’d be crazy not to take the opportunity to celebrate all that has happened in such a short time! I wanted to give members a heads up now so that people can save the date and also invite any members interested to get involved in helping to plan and prepare. Here are the deets we have so far:

Saturday, May 28th, 11am - 2pm

We’ll grill food (probably something easy like burgers, with veggie option), have door prizes, tours, machine demonstrations, and kids crafts (like laser projects to assemble or anything else people some up with).

@Devmani, @jamesfreeman, and I have been working on getting us donations for some cool door prizes (Harvest Lumber is donating something :awesome:). We also want to pursue some media outlets for news coverage if anyone has connections or interest in helping with that (@Keiarra?). There is a list of projects we’re knocking out before the event as well including the lobby which @jamesfreeman has been doing a phenomenal job on.

On the machine demo side, we’d definitely like to have demos for these ones:

  • Tarkin@dannym it would be awesome to have you do some demonstrations showing Tarkin’s power and also showing some of the unique things you have figured out how to do with it.
  • CNC – some demonstrations showing various things you can do with the CNC, especially the more creative sculptural things, would be really cool.
  • Tormach CNC – the computer driven machines are always really interesting to see I think and this one could be a cool one to highlight to show more metal love as well, although it’s a little difficult to gather many people around it.
  • Shaper Origin@JennChilds or @csader do you have any cool projects lined up you could demonstrate?
  • Any other suggestions people have here?

If you have any interest in getting involved and helping, let me know! Would love to have more people involved and there are lots of different ways people can help before, during, or after the event :blush:


You know that’s Memorial Day weekend, right? Day after last day of school? I’m supposed to be at a quilt retreat in La Grange but I could maybe pop back for the afternoon.

I have the project files and veneers to do Ramon Valdez’s marquetry project they featured on SO Sessions a couple months ago - Sessions 0051: Marquetry Techniques with Ramon Valdez - YouTube

They claim it takes about 4 hours to cut out all the pieces so I could maybe have it half done before the party so it looks like something and is starting to take shape.


The lobby renovations are nearing completion. Things are looking great. Big shout out to everyone who helped along the way. @Keiarra @PareshPatel @TravisGood @LivingOnTheEdgeKupec @gmossessian. You all made the work easier, and the conversations were appreciated.
@dannym did a great job on the floor inlay, something I havent seen done before. A few small details left and well be done.
Another big shout out to @beirdo for the work on the aquaponics. Things are looking good, and the new layout will be a nice renovation to the system.
Keep an eye out for the new project display area @EricP will be heading up. A great chance to get member works on display.


The floor looks sweet! I can’t believe you got everything done last night. It’s really coming together.

@gmossessian helped me out last night.

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Guys, Brava brava on the continued work on the floor! Sorry I could not be there to help with that last night. See you soon as I am able, Steve

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Our reception area looks fantastic!
We’re going to be making excellent first impressions.
@jamesfreeman efforts have made a big difference, thank you!

I can’t get over how tremendous this is looking. Thank you!

Darn! I forgot it is Memorial Day weekend. Not ideal, but we already ruled out every other date in May and invites went out to ILHIGH donors, so we’re going to just roll with it. Definitely won’t be out last community event.

We should send info to some of the austin event calendars if it’s open to the public.

Do512, Austin365, When Where What Austin.

Memorial day is a double edged sword, can be a good as well as bad thing. I, for one, am planning on taking that week off. Maaaaaybeeee I can help. Need some flashing LED strips?

We now have a volunteer sign up sheet here for various things people can help with on the day of the event.

There are also plenty of shop projects in preparation for the party if anyone is interested in helping with other things.

Excited for your LED display @duskglow!

Soooo much soldering… :slight_smile: