Vertical band saw (wood) needs a new blade

Hi everyone!

Yesterday the blade of the (wood) vertical band saw snapped and I was not sure how to replace it.

Anyone who is willing and able to put in a new blade? Would be awesome if you could show me how to do it – I’ll be at ASMBLY this afternoon around 5 pm.

Thanks in advance!


If this is the same bandsaw you’re talking about, @gmossessian might have done this already.

that must be the one.

By the way judging by the height of the upper wheel, that old blade that snapped was probably overtensioned. @JoeN if you’re doing a bandsaw class on Saturday might be good to make sure to cover how to judge the tension properly on the Jet, where it doesn’t have the gauge the Grizzly does. I’ll be out of town this weekend unfortunately.

Okay thanks for your help! Would learn how to install / tension it sometime if you have a chance to show me.

I believe Joe plans on doing a training session sometime this weekend – Comprehensive status of the woodshop - #6 by JoeN

If you can’t make that, feel free to ask me next time you see me. I’ll probably be there Wednesday evening after 7pm.