Jet bandsaw - new blade installed

someone had left a note on the jet bandsaw that the old blade broke and they didn’t know how to replace it

there was a 1/4" (I think) spare blade in an amazon box on the floor next to the bandsaw. I installed that and tuned it.

I don’t see any more spare blades anywhere and couldn’t find any in the stewards cabinet, should we order some? If so, could we include a couple of 1/8" blades for the Jet, please?


maybe better to just ask directly – @EricP could we order a couple new 1/8" and 1/4" bands for the Jet, please?

Sounds good, if there is any preference on tooth count/ thickness send me link or call out here and I will order

Regular tooth, and since no one is resawing on the Jet (I hope), I think nothing lower than 14tpi. How about a 1/4" regular tooth at 10tpi, and two 1/8" regular blades at 14 and 18 tpi?

Should think of some system to make sure nobody starts cutting 1" thick hardwood with the fine skinny blade. Is it a 93.5" blade? or 116"?

I’ll update this post with some links once I verify the specs.

Does anyone else have preferences for blades available??