VCarve 10 installer for Makerspace Edition licensing?

So we have VCarve Pro 10 installed in the lounge, and it is licensed with our makerspace ID. That means that we should be able to install VCarve Pro on personal machines and license it as makerspace members, as per Vectric’s info here.

The trick is that Vectric has now released VCarve 10.5, which means the VCarve 10.0 installers aren’t easy to find online anymore. I wonder, do we have a VCarve 10 installer archived anywhere?

I don’t know of a 10 installer.

I’ve been working to install 10.5. We’re supposed to be able to install it but have had trouble accessing the account, I went in to install it last week, but it got stuck on an odd problem. I messed with it further at home and I see I should be able to get the install in.

Oh, cool. 10.5 has some new features I want to try anyway. I’ve got my own copy of VCarve Desktop that will work until then.

I just got 10.5 installed on the lounge PC, give it a shot

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I’m glad this option is available to ATXHS. I am happy that Vetric sees the benefits of offering this option for communities like ours.

Personally I am focused on Aspire because of many of the 3D modeling capabilities of that version. I was fortunate to get an older version of Aspire off ebay that works. More recently I wanted to install it on a computer adjacent to my Shark in my shop and ran into a glitch. With my more recent purchases I have not been able to access the Aspire tool database. Crazy. So on the shop machine so I am not able to to use it to generate toolpaths. I can only do that on the upstairs computer. Buyers beware.

If anyone would like to network on Aspire tricks and tips informally, I’d be interested in doing something like that. I’m not at a place to teach a class and I don’t think a class is the right format to learn this program anyway. We each have our pet projects and we run into “How does this work?” kind of issues that are unique to just us. “How can I do this?” questions. There’s a lot of stuff available in V Carve and Aspire that is not well documented online. Right click options kinds of things are pretty cool and improve efficiency.

So if interested, maybe the HS board can help set up some sort of forum or working group. Needless to say meetings are not really an option now so online only.

Aspire is not Fusion 360 but it builds on V Carve so the learning curve is shorter if anyone wants to tackle 3D modeling and then make it on the CNC machine.

Thanks, Danny.

David, I’m also generally interested in exchanging tips and tricks. I’m not on Aspire, but might someday go that way.

I do intend to dive into Fusion 360 sometime “soon”, but I definitely find a lot to like about the vector editing in VCarve, which I presume is “same-but-more” in Aspire.