VCarve Pro 10.5?

I forget what version I saw last time in the space, but do we have access to VCarve 10.5?

The new version added some cool-looking features, including streamlined chamfer toolpaths. I’m definitely interested in that for one of my next projects.

I read from a forum page that the new vcarve version is buggy. I haven’t verified it though

Bummer if that turns out to be true. Once I get my new laptop set up, I’m hoping to give the trial a test-run, but of course I won’t be able to output any actual toolpaths.

I’m curious what aspects people are saying is buggy? The new toolpathing, or editor/general stuff?

Update to this thread: Danny has installed VCarve 10.5 on the lounge computer. Haven’t used it myself yet, but planning to tinker soon.

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