Tarkin buildout

As you may know, Asmbly is very close to having a huge 1.6mx1m CO2 laser ready. This is a custom, high performance build long in the making that is coming together quickly.

Some older questions were asked in other threads as offtopics, and I’m moving them here.

Do you guys know when Tarkin will be up and running?

It’s looking to be pretty soon

It should be by the end of the month at the absolute latest

Copy that, thank you! What is the status of it so far? or what else needs to be done so its up and running?

@dannym I don’t know how you did that split thread thing, can you do that again on this one to make a new thread for Tarkin updates? @Felipeg101 Danny will be the best to answer your question :slight_smile:

This will be running on a Ruida controller, which is not all that important to the user. It will be running Lightburn software, which is CAD, CAM, and actual running interface for the machine, although that can also be done from the panel as well.

You may find it helpful to familiarize yourself with Lightburn. This is priced for home use as well, so it makes plenty of sense to buy your own copy for CAD work at home and bring your jobs up here. It has a free 30 day trial, we also have a discount code that I think can be made available to members.

Lightburn is true cross-platform, with full Windows/Mac OS/Linux support.

It is much better featured for CAD work overall, but a bit more complicated than Corel/Illustrator. However, the tool was designed from the start with a focus on laser cutting, rather than a general purpose vector graphics design tool.

Lightburn has a ton of user support including quick tutorials on Youtube:

We have heard that LB can also replace Corel/Illustrator on the ULS machines (Blue, Pearl, Red). This is an excellent design tool. As the last step, you’d be printing to the familiar, dead-simple ULS driver we’ve been using. This does mean there are more advanced features that could be done on other machines that won’t be available through this print driver, but it’s a great upgrade for design work, and cheaper than a Corel or Adobe license.

The first effort to put LB on Blue (alongside Corel, it’s just another option) ran into trouble with the admin password, but I think that’s resolved or soon will be.

I do still need some help with stabilizing the lifters. It’s a noncritical item on the list of things left to do. It won’t prevent it from being used but it can shift which needs to be resolved.

I did show Joe, but I’m not sure if he’s got the time. We need to remove the bed and add a piece of angle iron, drill and tap a piece of aluminum so we can add a second screw to the lifters. Requires moderate fab skills and overall pretty small job, just a bit difficult to get to. The bed’s heavier than I thought, and taking it out looks like a bit of a trick because there are screws way in back (might require a physically small person to reach back there). I can show someone in person.

For context and full appreciation: Tarkin.

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Also, exhaust does need to be plumbed. There’s an opening for it, but I’m not sure what the plan is and I don’t think we have all the hardware yet.

Thanks for threading this and adding more info @dannym!!

I had a little time this morning to measure the spacer and the angle support bracket. The angle support bracket is quick. The spacer will take a little time

@JoeN looks like the spacer to hack in the common sensor will not be necessary. The tracking info for the new type that fits on that rail says it will probably be here today.

The need to fix this lifters is still there though, that’s going to help a lot!

ok cool. I will work on the support brackets


There is a couple of small tubes of JB Weld for securing it to the side of the lifter as we discussed. It’s on the top of the steel cart.