Spooky CNC Recap - 10/1/23

Hey guys! Here’s the recap of last Sunday’s CNC Meeting (along with recording):

This past Sunday we had @SteveW bring some light to the darkness with his Howling Moon.

And check out his wall hanging art. I don’t know what it is, but it’s trippy for sure.

He also came to show off his Millennium Falcon Vadar best impression!

Next we had @atwatsoniii share the orbital sander he transformed into an edge sander! He said this was his first true attempt at Fusion 360, but I don’t believe him. It’s just too, too good!

He also made this nifty bowl. I love it when people bring all kinds of different projects.


It was interesting too because then @bwatt shared his fully finished 3D art. It’s a combination of 3D printing, CNCing, and laser cutting. Hold on there Brian–you gotto leave some for the rest of us!

After that he showed us some figurines he’s 3D printing after scanning them in his Raspberry Pi. lt’s so much fun when we can explore other fields in this SIG. That’s what the informal aspect is all about, and we all benefit immensely. Thank you for sharing @bwatt.

Last little pic of us all together.

Overall, it was a terrific meeting that ventured into all kinds of discussion about many different ways to make, and that’s what’s it’s all about.

Big props to @jamesfreeman for helping conduct the meeting and resurfacing the spoil board at nearly the same time!

Our next meeting will be on November 5th at 9am in the MPR at Asmbly. The theme is Family and Being Thankful.

Recording of the October meeting:


Very nice! I want one!

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