Nov CNC Sig Meeting

Howdy all!

*** Friendly reminder, this is open to all members. ***

It’s nearing that time again: CNC time! In November we’re going to be warming up with family, reminding ourselves to be thankful (because we exist after all, and that’s wild!), and, maybe, just maybe, we might start thinking about what to do for the upcoming holidays.

This is the perfect time to remember why you came to Asmbly in the first place: to build incredible stuff and share it with people you love. The theme of this month’s meeting is “Family, Thankfulness, & Holiday Spirit.” I’ve learned so much at these monthly meetings, and now we can channel that knowledge into unique GIFTS. I mean, sure, Jeff can buy something from Amazon, but can he make a custom super-awesome piece of CNC art with someone’s name on it? Can Jeff even spell CNC?! That’s what I thought.

So, don’t be like Jeff, and come share in the wonderful experience that is the CNC SIG on Sunday, November 5th at 9am in the Multi-Purpose Room. Side Note: Don’t worry about Jeff. He’s not real.

Remember, you don’t need any special skills to attend the SIG. We only want your enthusiasm for CNCing. We’ll help you learn the rest. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Zoom Link for November CNC SIG Meeting: Launch Meeting - Zoom

CNC Items of Note:

  • Clip Art in vCarve - We’ve gained access to a large amount of clip art from vCarve. I recommend you check out the hundreds of images we now have for vCarve. Why waste time in CAD while you can snag the perfect image in vCarve?
  • Mozaik - there’s been a lot of interest in Moziak recently. Moziak is a software that is primarily used by cabinet makers to design and cut cabinets. It has many other capabilities, and I imagine this is something we will likely discuss at our SIG Meeting.
  • Last Month’s Meeting
    • October CNC Recap - We had a wonderful CNC event last month where we saw a Star Wars Millennium Falcon, CNC & 3D printed geometric art, and a wolf howling at the moon! Scary stuff. The post with the full recap is on Discourse: Spooky CNC Recap - 10/1/23.

    • October CNC Recording - Recording from last month’s meeting: video1904664942.mp4 - Google Drive

Joaquim & James


I’ve also received some information worth passing on:

Lightburn will be entering the CNC market in the new year. In the earliest stages of testing they’ll be looking for experienced CNC operators using a diversity of machines. People of this profile who know they already like Lightburn software can apply now to be considered. Anyone interested should send the following to

  • Your level of CNC experience

  • The CNC machines you own

  • Your current software packages

Could be a great time to discuss CNC and Lasers, and how they can make great projects together. Would love to see some laser enthusiasts there!


Also, as an additional note, @David will be at the CNC meeting to share his Shaper Trace demo. I’m excited to see how this trace feature compares to other trace features in different types of software. For me, that can be the most challenging thing–figuring out how to best trace my picture and line it up with what my bit can do!

These topics sound great. I’m sad to be missing this weekend’s fun. The family and I are spending the weekend down in New Braunfels enjoying Wurstfest. Prost!