Should i hang up my finished 2x2 piece? or wait for an event?

i’ve been an overachiever and got it done in advance of the deadline. What are we thinking on getting them hung up on the wall?

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@stepho, I too am done and want to hang mine. Since I’ve built the picture hanging system I need to finish it up by hanging all the 9’ filaments with their hooks and a scrap of wood to hold each down. Then to hang your piece all you gotta do is (1) find an empty filament, (2) remove the wood scrap, (3) adjust the hook height by sliding it on the filament up or down by using one of the allen wrenches (found in plastic bag soon to be taped to the whiteboard near the 2x2 competition sheet) and tightening it on the filament until it’s snug but don’t over do it to cut the filament in half, and (4) hang your piece on the hook on a filament. Stand back, and enjoy your work. The filament should be able to hold items that weight 25 lbs, but if you’re at all worried contact me (we can use two filaments to hold more weight).

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Thanks again @bwatt for taking charge on this hanging system! What you’ve got outlined sounds great and yes people can start hanging up as they are ready. We’ll have a voting system similar to the hanging planter one once the deadline is reached and probably a little social event in there so there’s a good opportunity for people to gather together at once and talk about their projects with each other.

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At least three participants are going to be out of town on Sunday Oct 1 and are hanging earlier, I wonder if we should have the showing/event on a day afterwards


I am out of town until the 6th, fwiw

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We’ll send an email to everyone on the sign up sheet when it gets closer to the date and see if we can find a time that works for most people. Voting will be open for a while, so no reason not to be flexible with timing of a showing event.

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All 10 filaments for the 2x2 display have been completed in the MPR with T-adapters, filaments, and hooks. The filaments are spaced out over the 16’ of T-Slot. The middle two already have 2x2 submissions. Some scrap material is hung on the other hooks to hold-down the filament (it tends to curl up).

Please replaced the scrap wood with your 2x2 submission and adjust your hook height. Getting them level will take a little bit of adjustment of the hook on your picture hanging wire.

Additional hooks are on the bottom of the rightmost and leftmost filaments if we need them. We might have to mount two entries on some of the filaments to make everything fit. We shall see about that when all submissions are in.

On the whiteboard and attached with magnets is the 2x2 sign-in list, extra T-Adapters & hooks, two Allen wrenches for loosening and tightening the various set screws, and a bag of adhesive pads for the bottom back of the submissions to steady them against the wall.

At this time I consider everything is done and ready for the October 1 submission and hanging. If something else needs to be done, please message me.

P.S. I rotated by 90 degress the shelving on the left to allow more wall space for hanging.


Thanks for putting all the work into this!


MPR is going to look cool! We need real tables and we’ll be dressed to impress


The hotel in Austin I’m staying at is using a familiar hanging method for the art in the room.

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Thanks James! I can also use two wires per hanging if that’s desired. Right now I’ve assumed one. Using two has it’s own difficulties with trying to level the hanging.

I hung one yesterday and think I need to sticky tape a 1x1 along the bottom to straighten it vertically. It’s currently hanging at about a 15-degree angle from the wall. Hoping that will also help with the horizontal leveling. The felt pads aren’t making contact with the wall at this angle.

Perhaps some blu tack?

@lukeg, First and foremost, thanks for submitting your work. Regarding the hanging… Did you use picture hanging wire on the back or a bracket? If so, how far is from the top edge of your piece to your wire or bracket. Wire should be about 1/3 the length down from the top. In other words, your wire should be about mounted down 8" from the top (for a 24" piece). A bracket can be mounted near the top. In any case I’ll be stopping by ASMBLY in the next day or so and check it out. Thanks again for the feedback.


Probably closer to 6" for the brackets, then the wire vees up to about 1" from the top. The frame is also thick, a bit less than 2", so the center of gravity is not helping.

Lol is this a submission or was someone leaving it at Up for Grabs and it was hanged on accident?

I got to see this in person this morning and it’s really cool. This display of old medical instruments juxtaposed in a modern multidisciplinary shop really highlights how far we’ve come. It made me pause and think about my own preferences for using hand tools in shop full of computer operated machines that accomplishes the same outcome, but with an entire different skill set.

Who does this belong to?

I found it leaning on the hanging wall near the filaments which I had already hung. So I assumed, maybe wrongly, that it was a submission and I hung it next to my submission. Also there is a white plastic bag of a few other items that was there too. I do not know if it is a submission and who submitted it.

It’s giving these vibes lol