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In relation to this thread: Laser Cutting Very Thin Steel

I’m seeking some help cutting a profile out of some thin steel. The stock that I was able to source is a little bit thicker than discussed in the above thread but still pretty thin. It is 0.35mm or ~14 thou (0.014"). The stock is very specialized so its not something I could get from a service like sendcutsend. The tolerances I need are also fairly tight.

I’m open to any method- Ideally I would cut it myself so I can go back and iterate on the design but I’m open to sending it out if that’s not an option. I know the fiber laser would be perfect for this job but I’m also aware that it will probably be a while until that machine is online for me to use.

From the discussion that I had earlier it seems like there’s some chance that the C02 lasers will go through it. Steel seems like it has some absorption and it wouldn’t require much power to go through material this thin. However I understand if the stewards think its too risky to try from a safety perspective. I’m also not yet laser trained.

My ideal solution is I try to use the CO2 lasers for a test cut with some help (I’d of course pay whoever wanted to help me do the test cut), and if it works get fully laser trained. If not I’d send it out to an external vendor. (Maybe Joe’s shop?). I’m also willing to try creative solutions if people have other ideas.

Is there anyone who might be able to help me with this or give me some friendly advise on a way forward? Thank you so much in advance.

I don’t know how competitive their prices are, but there’s a metal shop in the building where I work that offers fiber laser services. They’re not far from the asmbly.

I know it’s not what you’re looking for necessarily, but depending on how soon you want it they might be an option. Never hurts to get a quote!

Sarabi Studios

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I have a fiber laser and can cut it. How tight of tolerance do you need to hold? You can email the design here

Itll work with tolerances as loose as 10 thou but id love to maintain something closer to 5 thou, especially on my locating bores. What do you think is possible with a fiber laser @JoeN?

Do you think you could help me try it on the makerspace’s C02 before we use your fiber?

Our CO2 lasers can’t cut metal

The fiber laser is made for metal cutting. It can hold that tolerance.

According to what Danny wrote here there’s some chance that it would work with C02.

Does anyone mind if I try it before seeking other options? Id be happy to have someone there to supervise the attempt. If its too risky in terms of damaging the machine I completely understand

@JoeN Emailed you about a quote