Returning Member Certification Updates

Good evening,

I am a returning member. I took the new orientation class tonight and need to know what of my previous certifications are transferable? In particular, I was previously certified for the woodshop, 3d printers, and both lasers (Red and Blue). I have a project I need complete on the lasers for my convention in early May and need clearance to use them with time to finish the project.

Thank you.


Hey Jeff, I can’t personally answer which are transferrable. Our classes have been changing and updating a lot and we have a lot of new tools. Specifically, we got rid of Red, and have three new lasers (Tarkin, Pearl, and Dorian). We still have Blue, so you may be able to use that without another class. @valerie would you know this, or know who would know?

I think Billy already answered this is the email you sent to membership@, didn’t he?

Welcome back

Welcome back @JCicolani !