[Resolved] Tarkin not working

Dang I hate to say it, but Tarkin is down. Someone cut some *melty gooey stuff and it might just need a really good cleaning, but Tarkin is not working.

*meant melty not meaty, autocorrect

? No idea, I’ll take a look

The skewing indicates the X gantry is actually dragging. It’s a closed loop system and actually can eventually return to the commanded position if it gets out of sync, but also if it gets too far out of sync the drive will throw a fault and that will halt the machine safely. I’m surprised it got this far out of sync though, I have exceeded the performance envelope in setting up the parameters and only gets a bit off before the fault condition.

Oh no. Danny that is the piece that someone cut last night. It is just not cutting right now. I was just showing what I believed happened to the poor machine. I was cutting some birch and couldn’t get it to cut through. Checked my settings and I believe it is just dirty. Didn’t want to mess with it in case it is something else.

I’m going to need more info.

Just tried it out and it’s moving fine and cutting better than reference settings.

Still looking but I need to know what I’m looking for

1500mm/s rastering just fine, that’s the speed cap

I could not get it to cut. I may have been at fault, but I checked the focus and the speeds and everything seemed fine. It was making a lot of smoke and smelled like plastic even though I was cutting wood. Maybe it burned off whatever was on the lens and is back to normal. Sorry if that is the case. I tried about 10 different cuts and could not cut squares out of birch at 50 mm/sec and 100% power.

The only thing I could think of might be debris in the nozzle, there was some around there. I think I did a test cut even before cleaning it that came out OK.

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Marking this thread as resolved based on Stephen’s report of good rastering and cutting performance tonight.