(RESOLVED) - CNC 5x10 - Bad Spindle

Spindle does not seem to be engaging


Looks like the spindle is shot. James will call Laguna Friday to see about replacement.

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@AlexSchoedler @zipset


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Ok thanks!

New spindle is ordered, eta Sat. Will try to get it installed Sunday.


I have a spare spindle that I think matches that one

Greetings James, let me know if you want an extra set of hands on this machine when you install the new Spindle.

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Eta is 24th or the 2nd?

The goal is to have it back up by Monday the 26th. We’ll post here if that changes.

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Spindle shipment is running late. Now looking like mid week.

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If we can make a nice video of the process and post it on YouTube, I believe it would get great reception. Seems to be a need for that.

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Hey James,

Let me know as soon as you can when the spindle is back and running - I have 2 panels in storage that I don’t want thrown out and I left a note asking for an extension. On my end I don’t own a vehicle that can transport plywood - I get all my panels delivered, and just waiting on the CNC to process. I get the bad spindle is what it is and i’m happy y’all jump on fixing the CNC but I don’t want my $100 panels thrown onto the scrap cart because of it (I don’t think they would but just notifying staff). They’re clamped in an attempt to keep them straight for future kerf-cutting in the storage bins, should be obvious which panels i’m referring too. They’re going to be record cabinets for sale in Breakaway records, unfortunately the machine being down is holding all this up

Thanks for remembering the policy about storage! But there is also a recognition of the need for extensions, and this is easily justifiable. To request an extension, email workshop@asmbly.org. Thanks!

Link to more info:

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