Swift Spindle replaced

The Swift cnc is back online.

The Spindle on the Swift has been replaced. During the down time, the new chiller was installed and wired to work when the cabinet turns on. Please keep an eye out for the water flow indicator on top of the spindle.

Policy change: We are no longer allowing any surfacing bit larger than 2 in on either machine. The one exception to this currently, is the Slab Slayer 2.5" surfacing bit. This bit was specifically designed for a spindle of our size, hy removing weight from it. Any other bit larger than 2" needs to be approved before use. In general, if youvare using a large bit and you can here the spindle vibrating, stop using it immediately.

Tremendous thanks goes out to those who helped expedite this repair. @morrism14 @ewei Thank you for the help.