[Resolved] Can’t connect to Prusa printers

Hey, I’ve been trying to connect to Apollo to try to get a print going, but whenever I try to go to the IP above the printers while on the network, it times out. Any idea what might be going wrong? Tried seeing if I could scan the QR on the plaques, but my phone can’t even pick those up for some reason.

There has been discussion over here as well. Not sure what exactly the problem is, but tagging @Devmani and @pearlgreymusic

Right now the server is down(powered off somehow and remote logging isn’t working) until I can get to it this week please use a normal SD card (not micro Sd unless used in conjunction with an adaptor)

see picture below where to insert the card.


On the Control Wizard, go to the menu, select “Preheat” and then select “PLA”.

Insert the SD card into the printer.

On the Control Wizard, select “Print from SD”.

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Ok I’ve left SD cards in for Apollo and Hermes, anyone feel free to use them until Octoprint is up and running again.


@valerie @AlexL @dballyn

Issues resolved.


Are you the only one maintaining the Octoprint server? I’m close to the shop and use Octoprint on my home machine(s); if you’d ever like to enlist help.