Printer Server down


I’m not able to get see Octoprint for all 3 of the Prusa printers. I’ve tried on 3 computers and it doesn’t appear. Also is the new printer available for use? There are 3 prusas in the cabinet.


@Devmani can you share the updates on this here?

Can you print directly from SD cards with Asmbly’s setup?

The SD card on the counter is recognized by computers but not by the printers. Maybe a different one would work if someone has one to test.

Well that’s interesting as the server was up and running during Saturday’s class. I’ll have to take a look at it maybe today most likely tomorrow. Need to find a monitor to connect to the server and see what’s up and get the 3rd online properly.

Thanks @Devmani

@matthewfcarlson did your print work today? Looks like we are the only people to have reserved since the class.

I got distracted and ended up not doing my print.

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Should be able to; direct insert of SD card is the default for most Prusa users.