[RESOLVED] 🍺 🍷 Bartenders for Asmbly Maker Market 🍻

We’ve gone back and forth with our insurance company and landlord in terms of how we’re handling alcohol at the Asmbly Maker Market 12/10 (12p-6p) and 12/11 (11a-4p). After much deliberation, it seems our best path forward is to provide beer and wine for free with a totally optional suggested donation sign nearby.

To appease all the involved parties, we will also need to have our servers be TABC certified. Are you or any of your friends already TABC certified and willing to donate some time at this event?? :awesome: Alternatively, have you or your friends been wanting to get certified? Asmbly will pay for your certification in exchange for volunteering at this event!

Here’s what volunteering as a bartender at the event will look like:

  • A separate volunteer will be checking IDs and putting wristbands on patrons who are of drinking age, so that bartender volunteers simply need to verify whether someone is wearing a wristband
  • Beer will be canned, so serving beer is simply a matter of popping a can and putting it in a koozie
  • Wine will involve uncorking bottles here and there to pour into plastic cups, but that’s the most complicated task
  • Bartender volunteers will not have to handle any payments – we’ll have some donation QRs and a donation jar for cash, but volunteers won’t have to deal with this aspect as it’s totally optional for patrons

Will you help? :pray:

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I would love to get certified if y’all have no other option. I contribute to a local comedy/wrestling scene that regularly needs TABC certified folks.
If I can be a certified backup for Asmbly and my Fight Opera/Slam Portal/Party World Rasslin’ fam; hit me up.


That would be great! I’ll email you to get you connected with Billy our treasurer who is working with volunteers on this.

Wow you gotta get a cert here? My parents used to own a bar and the only law there was you had to be over 18 to serve alcohol

@HannaKessler they must have been working in another state! Here in Texas, a TABC license is required to serve or sell alcohol (18+ are eligible to get one). It’s been that way as long as I can remember (at least 20 yrs from my own personal experience of being TABC certified previously). There are certain exceptions and nonprofits are eligible to get TABC event licenses which is what we originally intended to do, however our insurance and landlord are forcing our hands in the TABC servers direction.