Remember to Be Excellent! :awesome:

A few noteworthy highlights from our wiki page on Excellent (and NOT Excellent) behaviors —

  • Clean Up! :broom: Clean your workspace before leaving, take trash to the dumpster, and empty any dust collection receptacles you used. Spend at least 5 minutes cleaning up general community spaces.
  • Show Appreciation for our Volunteers! :heart: Our stewards and space leads are volunteers. Please show appreciation for their hard work.
    • Also show appreciation for our staff! They may be getting paid, but that doesn’t make them any less worthy of appreciation for all they do to keep Asmbly running smoothly.
  • Respect other Member’s Work! :handshake: We take a lot of inspiration from each other and share ideas. However, be mindful of the difference between taking inspiration from someone vs. replicating their work precisely, especially if you intend to sell it. If you’re ever unsure on whether you’ve crossed a line with another member on this, just ask them! They may simply be flattered and excited that you liked their work enough to try it out yourself.