Red laser issues

Is there a way to post about equipment that is down that a member could check on it before going to the space? I was scheduled for the Red laser at 11 and thank goodness the person before me let me know it was taken apart. I was 5 minutes from leaving the house. I moved my appointment to blue so fingers crossed it’s working as good as last week

We have been discussing how to best communicate equipment problems. Currently we put equipment probs down on Skedda as an appointment which counts as in-use so you’d see it when accessing Skedda. I think what happened here is we added the red-tag last night after your appointment was already made, though. We don’t have an automated notification process except that the admin bumping appointments in Skedda will produce a “We reassigned your booking for … … at …” email to you if your notification settings allow it.

If you want to discuss equipment reporting and member notification process further, there’s a specific topic for that here:

Sorry Marie, yes we’ve had it blocked off in skedda but missed today for some reason.

Issue should be resolved today or tomorrow just waiting on parts.

There will be a post in space teams>laser when resolved