Communicating equipment status

We have been discussing how to best communicate equipment problems. Currently we put equipment red-tags (not usable) down on Skedda as an appointment which counts as in-use so you’d see it when accessing Skedda. We don’t have an automated notification process for any existing appointments except that the admin bumping appointments in Skedda will produce a “We reassigned your booking for … … at …” notification email to you, if your settings allow it.

This works for the lasers and CNC. However, we noted that other equipment like the table saw being down could not be communicated this way, as doesn’t have its own column and a reservation on Woodshop being used as a note would prevent anyone from making a Woodshop appointment.

There may also be a need to communicate something other than the equipment being unusable. In the past we had “yellow tag” to report there were possible issues or limitations, it wasn’t used much. Again, Skedda’s appointment column can’t be used to do this as it would prevent anyone from making appointments.