Red and Blue laser

Blue won’t boot up. Red is having head crash error messages. Anyone have ideas. I desperately need to cut materials. So frustrating

check if someone turned of the power switch on the right side bottom on blue.(you can power cycle it from there too if you have a boot issue)
Side note: when you use blue, turn on the laser and let it boot fully before you open illustrator or corel. (you can check by opening blues print dialogue and waiting for the play arrow to turn green.)

Assume Red is Dead (dont waste your time with it) We should have 2-3 more lasers up within the next 45 days

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I restarted blue computer and laser a few times and it is working. Red user changed direction and location of his raster job and it is working.

On Red he was trying to print starting from the top left corner, not sure if position on bed has anything to do with the problem

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Update. Blue cutting 1/4" birch with 95 speed/2 power. Red now has air assist error message

This is less than encouraging. I’ve got lots of plastic to cut very soon and can’t wait 45 days. Can’t use Blue reliably as I need air assist.

Could we get a pinned post of Red’s status in the meantime?

Note - This post was also not in the LASERS category which made it difficult to find when searching for status when making a booking.

Good idea @okyeron , will post the same link at the top of Reds Skedda category as well.

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That should help a bit for wasted trips to the space if its down.

Thanks for suggesting the pinned post and mentioning the category aspect. It really does help a lot if we can keep posts about machinery/tools in their relevant Space Teams categories, especially for those who have notifications set by categories. I just moved this one to LASERS.

When the new laser is ready to use, would it be possible to do a virtual training so us laser users can hit the ground running?

I was probably just going to do run a bunch of free sessions over the course of a week for people who are red laser users.


i’m very interested, i’ve got some folks waiting on earrings rn, what do i need to do to join one of those sessions?

Since this is the most active thread, thought I’d ask here: why would someone choose to use Red vs. Blue lasers? I presume it’s a matter of bed size since the laser power output is listed as the same on

Or to be more specific/selfish: if I want to cut acrylic ranging from 1/8" to 1/4" in thickness, which laser should I get trained on?

to my basic understanding red is better for acrylic bc it’s air assist system helps prevent warping and burning

though it does seem now that red is nearing the end of it’s working life unless it gets a major overhaul