Public Z: Driver Server Going Bad ... Copy Your Data *NOW*

Hi, folks,

I had to babysit the Public Z: drive server ( through a filesystem check to get it back online tonight. The failures strongly imply that the drives are likely on their last legs.

If you have data on this system, you need to copy it off post haste. This system is unmaintained and has NO BACKUP. If one of the drives fails permanently, that system is gone.


@nightinlight I wanted to make sure you saw this note.

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@buzmeg It looks like this drive has gone. I’m unable to connect to the drive from either of the laser computers. Do we just not have a shared drive now?

As far as I know, the board has decided that there will be no shared drive.

There are several good reasons for this. The big one is that the shared drive has no security on it, and it is really easy to overwrite somebody else’s files and settings unintentionally. It also is very easy to get a malware/virus infection and spread it to everybody’s drives.

And, truthfully, given how cheap flash drives are, there’s really not a lot of good reason for a public shared drive and quite a few downsides.

If you desperately need some data off of it, I can try to babysit it again. However, everyone was warned about this, and I make no guarantees.

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^ What @buzmeg said. Flash drives or some form of cloud storage are great solutions and way more secure.

I suppose its my fault for not checking the forum as often, but I went in to see Red last night and saw that the Z: drive is completely gone. Its a bit frustrating losing those designs, is there any chance that a temporary local back up can be made to give Users another chance to pull off data?

-I will definitely be using a personal flash drive moving forward

… so I’ll post the semi-annual reminder that if you’re not a forums person, you can use Discourse as a mailing list too.

@n_m304 I’ll see if I can babysit it back up sometime this weekend. I make no guarantees. I did warn about this two months ago, after all.

What is your directory on the file server and I’ll copy it off onto the Red computer, if I can.

If you could that would be a huge help but I completely understand if it is not salvageable

The directory should be as my name: Nicholas Mullen

Thank you for your efforts, I really appreciate it🙏🏼

I sat it through a fsck. I also copied your directory (it only had 9 files) onto the Desktop of atxhs-lounge-2 (that’s the Linux machine that used to have vcarve on it) in case the machine goes back down before you get to it.

It’s up, for now. It won’t last.

At this point, it looks like the server finally bit the dust.

There won’t be any more retrievals.



Thanks for all your efforts to help people out with this @buzmeg. Very kind and greatly appreciated.
These physical drives don’t last forever.

I’m planning to take a big load of recycling e-waste this weekend, maybe a few trips. If this server is ready to go for that, I can take that as well.

Thank you again for your help.

Thank you so much for all your work on this.

Three cheers to you @buzmeg and all the members who keep our systems working.

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@n_m304 Did you actually get your data? I did get it off before things died.