Please RSVP for entrepreneur in a box / textiles social THIS Wednesday

Hello friendly faces

Specifically with entrepreneur in a box knowing who to expect is very useful in structuring this once a month meet up

For oh sew social, we will be providing cookies :cookie:

Please rsvp here or I believe @David is working on a Neon (free) class registration

I plan to attend.

I’m planning on attending the textiles social!

I’ll be there for the Sew Social

I will be there for entrepreneur in a box.

It’s been a minute (with health and Covid issues - never had it but see it among friends) but interested in attending.

I’m not seeing where this is happening. Is this at ASMBLY? Time an place info welcome…


Hi, I will be attending the textiles meet up tonight :grin:

@David78737 - entrepreneur in a box is in the multi-purpose room at 5, and the sew social is in textiles at 7

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This post shares info on linking to the Asmbly calendar

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I thought I saw my question answered, but I was confusing this with another thread. I was wondering if we are allowed to bring our one guest to the textiles meet up? My mother in law is a professional seamstress and potentially interested.

It is ok to bring a guest along to the sew social. Please have them sign the guest waiver as you come in the door. There is sign with a QR code at the front desk that takes you to that guest waiver.

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I’ve also added a post here on discourse with the QR code to the guest waiver

Planning on being there for both

I’ll be there for Entrepeneurs :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for your participation and peer feedback, please e-mail me at if you have suggestions or would like to follow-up with any specifics