Please clean up your workspace and the tools you use (Metal Shop Variant)

Everything Charlie said in his recent post applies to the metal shop equally.

Someone has used the Evolution chop saw several times recently to cut a bunch of steel [edit: looking closer at the cut-offs left behind that I kept, some of this may actually have been a metallic appearing plastic] without even a pretense of cleaning up. I came in on the morning of Sunday 2/12 and the chip tray was half full! Several times the bench was covered in chips. This will not do.

Also, the spark bucket doesn’t catch all the dust from the belt sander and grinders, and it’s sometimes subtle to see. Always sweep the area after using them; you’ll be surprised by how much dust is there.

I know some of the tool locations have been changing, but simply. wherever it came from, it goes back to. I’ll be getting some labels on the drawers as things settle down.


And if a machine was left a mess before you got there, take a photo, scan a red QR code and report the issue. Then, please clean it up when done.