Photography SIG: Request for comments

Hey guys.
I’m going to start a Photography Special Interest Group. I know that there have been spurts of interest and support for such a topic/activity with members in the past, and I’m going to try and capitalize on that to see what kind of programs can be built at Asmbly to support it.

I have quite a bit of experience on the commercial side of photography as well as the fine-art aspects as well. So I can help to onboard people into studio setups, and simple to elaborate product images, large or commercial productions, or environmental style imagery. However, I have absolutely no experience shooting family portraits, events (read weddings), real estate, or other consumer-targeted images. So if there’s a hunger for that type of retail photography then I may have to source others with more experience in those areas.

I was initially thinking of hosting a monthly meeting on the first Wednesday at 7:00 pm (that would be next Wednesday to start). I want to gather topics, interests, projects, and community experience where it relates to photography. I’ve got a personal cache of equipment that I can use to help host demos or instructions.

You can see some of my images on my site (I don’t put up any commercial work but if there’s interest in a sort of commercial image breakdown and process I have some work I can use to illustrate those kinds of topics):


The first Wed of the month will conflict with the Community Meeting, fyi.

:slight_smile: When is your CNC Sig?

Before woodworking photography was my passion so I have a good amount of experience with landscapes and product photography, but it’s been a minute.

I’ve done a lot of work with film, developing my own b&w prints, even making my own wet collodion prints on glass.


My favorite cameras are a hasselblad 500 and 8x10 view cameras.


The CNC SIG is the first Sunday of the month, in the am.

Do you still have a Hassy? I had a 501cm way back when. Nothing makes you feel old timey quite like turning that winding cranking.

There’s been several times in the last several years where I’ve wanted to get a Mamiya 645 and take some ancillary film shots. Some other piece of equipment or prop has won the fight so far.

Not anymore, I said when I moved here I would get another one but then covid happened and that ate up all my moneys lol

The mamiya is a solid camera, I always saw it as a more affordable hassy and was interesting with its viewfinder and rectangular negatives.

I remember there being some annoying quirk about the battery for the light sensor being always on, and if the battery was dead it didn’t let you operate the shutter.

That always turned me off, plus the hassy can be used as a weapon in a pinch where the mamiya might explode on impact lol

I just remembered that I blacked out the period where I did weddings so I could speak to that a bit, but I really wouldn’t recommend going down that path unless you’re a young extrovert with limitless energy lol

@jiggliemon this is awesome, but we’ll need to pick a different day for it. Here are the times that are already taken by other things:

  • 1st Wednesday 7:30p-9p – Community Meeting
  • 1st Sunday 10a-11a – CNC SIG
  • 3rd Wednesday 5p-6:30p – Entrepreneur in a Box
  • 3rd Wednesday 7p-9:30p – Oh Sew Social

Everyone wants a Wednesday (Except James :slight_smile: ).

I’m going to take the first Tuesdays then. 7:00pm


Sweet, sounds good! Let me or @ashleyrlee know when you want it officially added to the events calendar. Mailchimp newsletter goes out this weekend, so I can include it in there if you are ready to broadcast it. First one 4/4?

Yeah 4/4 is good for me.
Feel free to add it. I’m going to treat it as exploratory for now to gauge interest and see what the focus might be.

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I’ll definitely be interested! I bought a camera a while ago but haven’t had a chance to learn how to use it.

I would be interested! I’m new to the space and new to Austin, but I run a photo/video business out of Fort Collins, CO.

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We’ll only put it on the calendar if you come up with a clever name


I am interested but can’t be there that night. (I’m teaching a Mill Class then.)

Here is a Portfolio of sorts, though it’s been two decades since I shot these.

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I’ll be joining! I have been working to improve my photography skills. For now, I shoot things for my business (product photography, particularly tiny items) but I also want to shoot more subject matters.


Love the crowned bluebonnet!

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I don’t know if I can make the first one, but count me in. I have been mulling over a proposal for a small studio space at ASMBLY, but we really don’t have room right now. But I’m happy to help where and when I can.

Happy to have you on board.

If there’s a will there’s a way. But if I’m reading between the lines I’m interpreting that we don’t want to have space dedicated to something that people aren’t using. We ought to figure out how much such a capability would be used and scope out a station accordingly.

Are you primarily interested in something like a tabletop product photo booth?