[NPO Tools] Bathroom improvments

This isn’t a tool idea but I would love to see a small amount of funds go toward improving the bathrooms.

  • I’d like to see cabinets instead of shelves to store supplies, to give a more organized look.
  • The bathroom near the woodshop could use a new sink that has decent water flow.
  • The toilet needs to be recaulked so it doesn’t move when you sit down.
  • The lock on that bathroom is finicky and we need to replace the door handle or install a manual lock like the one on classroom bathroom.
  • We also need a toilet paper holder for normal toilet paper rolls so that the toilet paper roll isn’t being picked up and handled by everyone who uses it.
  • We also need a better soap dispenser that can be refilled more easily, or a soap dispenser that is non-foaming, since it doens’t work when refilled with normal soap.

I can volunteer to do a deep clean soon and come up with a full improvment plan.

I’m also curious if it would be possible to get quotes from cleaning companies to see about having someone come in weekly or biweekly to do a full clean that members can maintain in between?


This. So very much.

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That toilet really needs to be replaced outright. It’s been running water constantly for over a year, and doesn’t flush strong either. It’s an outdated model.

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This is a totally legit suggestion. I agree it wouldn’t be too big a budget item either.

Getting some cleaning quotes makes sense. A service that cleaned the bathrooms and vacuumed the carpet on a weekly basis would go a long way to making the place seem more professional.


The cabinets are easy. We have the tools somewhere…
A sheet of 3/4 and 1/4 ply, some poplar. Paint or low level stain grade.

I kind of want to get the crappiest plastic-and-particleboard contractor cabinets we can find just to see how many people comment on them :slight_smile:

As as follow up to last night’s meeting. I’m willing to tackle the improvements to the bathrooms. Just to make sure I’m on the right track, items to tackle:

1: Cabinet space to store bathroom supplies. I know there are many capable builders in the space, but in the interest of time, I could pick up some cabinets from Habitat for Humanity. Should be fairly reasonable on cost.

2: Replacing and correctly mounting the toilet in the main shop bathroom. Recommend the same source for the toilet.

3: Relocating and replacing the motion switch in the Bio lab area bathroom.

Any other improvements wanted/ needed?

If these recommendations are ok and approved, I can start working on them soon.

The toilet rocking issue is the flange on the floor is too high. I think we should get a piece of hdpe to follow the shape of the toilet. It would raise the toilet up about and 1/8" or double it. I have material to donate.

I think Danny had mentioned it has also been leaking for quite some time.

Yeah the guts need replacing.

I believe it’s the bathroom by the lounge with the motion sensor light problem IIRC. We also need to address the soap dispensers and lack of proper TP holder (I think also the lounge bathroom, right?).

Anyone have thoughts on the woodshop bathroom sink?

Some one can cut 2 pieces of pipe and prop up the woodshop sink. Similar to what was done in the lounge bathroom

I wouldn’t bother to try to replace the guts of it, especially since we’re remounting it too. That’s already doing all the work of a replacement, plus trying to fiddle with the innards. New low-flush toilets are actually pretty great performance, and cheap.


I’d like to see a new mirror frame in the woodshop bathroom. Nothing against it, it just looks very unfinished and rushed.

For the sink in the woodshop, I think we should replace it if possible. You could get a cabinet style for additional storage.

There was built by someone who was rushed. A new sink with cabinet underneath would be a great idea

Just got back from Habitat. New toilet runs about $100. Cabinets are generally between $200 and $300. I did see quite a few nice cabinet bases that included sink countertops for about $300. I’m sure they have mirrors there, but that wasn’t on my list.

toilet rocking can easily be addressed with toilet shims
Shove them under the toilet until it stops rockin’. Knock off the part sticking out and silicon caulk the space between the floor and the toilet bowl. Done.

@jamesfreeman when we replace the toilet and sink would be good timing to give the bathrooms a new coat of paint. Doing a high gloss interior would make the walls easier to wipe down. One of things I find unappealling about the bathrooms right now are the copious drip marks on the walls. We could do the updates in sequence so that one of the bathrooms is available while the other is being worked on. I could volunteer to paint.


@Mollie- I agree with your thought process here. I think if we’re going to do it, let’s do it right. I like the idea of a fresh, more professional looking bathroom. I’m on board to do as little or as much as the group approves. Not 100% sure on how to proceed, i.e budget for this and purchasing procedures.


I like this idea too – let’s do it right and let’s do it all the way. Budget wise, could we manage what we need within $500? Are we looking at full standing cabinets (to utilize max space, probably my vote) or hanging cabinets?

I’m thinking in our fundraising milestone goals, we put the bathrooms as the first milestone after transition costs (think thermometer with “temperature” goals for specific items). Hoping we can get the fundraiser live next week and will probably set it to be weekly deposits, so we should be able to get started fairly quickly. I’ll be working on drafting that up more this weekend.

I think next steps for this specific project would be determining exactly what we’re getting, then mapping out the phases and assigning pieces to individuals.

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