[NPO Tools] Bathroom improvments

I think we could make $500 work. Anyone want to do a zoom call to map out a plan and budget?

What time did you want to do a zoom call?

How about something like this for the sink and mirror?

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That looks like a great option! Gets the mirror replaced too. I’m not sure if I’d be able to hop on a call, but I think y’all have the right idea and probably don’t need me anyway. With the cabinets, my thinking was that it would be good to make the best use of storage space possible and cabinets in there could be overflow storage for shop stewards or larger bathroom and cleaning supplies that we don’t want to leave completely out. With storage being such a premium, it seems like something we should try to capitalize on in every area we can reasonably.

Agree with @valerie. A cabinet where we can keep all the paper towels, toilet paper, etc would be great. I’d say it would be worthwhile to put in as much storage as space allows

Sounds like a go on the vanity and mirror combo. I can add as much storage as the budget allows.

I was thinking about the under cabinets for the sink. That would make it non ada compliant

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Good call @JoeN! Looks like a wall mounted sink and separate storage is best. I’m going to spend some time this morning putting together ideas and will post later.

My concern about cabinets is durability. Most RTA or prebuilt cabinets are MDF. A few of sheets of 3/4 baltic birch can make very durable plain cabinets. Add some hardwood trim if you want to get nicer. Poplar for paint grade. More than a few of us have the extra bits to make these. I’ll be glad to pitch in. A couple of us could knock the build out in a day or two.

I don’t think that we need counter space as much as volume, so full height carcasses, with shelves, and a tall space for brooms.

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Here is what I have so far for the bathrooms. My shopping list comes out to $384 so far without storage. Cabinet storage is going to be the big question mark. There are some ok options at Ikea for around $70-90 each.

If we want to have members make some cabinets like @cfstaley suggested, I think wall mounted would be ideal so that we can easily clean the floors underneath, and doors to close everything away. I like the idea of a tall one that brooms and mops could go in as well. How feasible is that with limited budget?

I also thought we could stay with blue for the walls but lighten the tone.

Here is a google jamboard we can add to and edit. The second page has product links. Feel free to add pages with more screenshots and ideas.



There’s about 32 inches of space from the open door to the wall. If building, the interior can be anything, though allowing for brooms would make it 2 cabinets. Not a big deal, if built at same time. The bottom can be shaped to allow a broom or vacuum underneath. Or sealed to the wall with a kick plate.

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When buying or designing cabinets, I suggest measuring all of our typical paper products & cleaning product packaging to make sure shelves can accommodate everything easily.

(Can you tell that I’ve forgotten to do this, and now have non-movable shelves that don’t quite work? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


That list looks great! Are the faucets we have in good enough condition and the right size to work with these sinks?

I do think we’ll get the most value from cabinets made by members. Can someone price out material cost for them keeping maximum storage in mind?

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I can do that.
The faucets should at least be rebuilt with new cartridges.


Looks like the sink in the lounge bathroom is in good shape and doesn’t need to be replaced. The workshop bathroom could use a new sink and new faucet. I updated the jamboard.

Is there something we can do to increase usability of the cabinets outside the lounge bathroom? That might help to store extra cleaning supplies and paper products, then the bathrooms only need to store a small amount for a quick refill of toilet paper or soap.

Awesome, thanks for double checking that!

With storage inside the bathrooms, it’s kind of more of a maximizing storage everywhere thing. Both bathrooms have a corner that would otherwise just be dead space, so we might as well use them for supply cabinets. The more supplies we can store there, the freer cabinets outside the bathrooms are for storing backups for other shop area.

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Here’s a quick breakdown on the cabinets I am proposing.

30 inch wide, 84 inch tall, 24" deep double door cabinet. Only shelving, no brooms.
This design is a single cabinet, which gets rid of the broom option. It’s a nice option, per se, but simplicity, cost and max storage kicked the brooms out.
30" x 24" (approx) will maximize sheet good usage.

For simplicity and durability, pre-finished birch plywood.
3/4 for carcass sidewalls, top, bottom, shelves
1/4 ply for back and door panels
Soft maple for face frame.

Doors : maple frame with 1/4 ply panels.
The maple will need to be varnished.

Roughly $250 per cabinet

Fine Lumber:
3/4 pre finished plywood - 4x8 $55.33
1/4 pre finished plywood - 4/8 $24.15

3/4 x 2 soft maple - 1.04 per lf (S4S and truly 2 wide)
hinges $20 for 10 pcs - Amazon
Pulls not included, as there are probably lots around. I have some extra I can use.
Urethane for maple.

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