New Table Saw Sled

I’m doing a project that involves some long 30" miters and after trying to make the cuts on standard cross cut sled realized that I’m probably best off making a dedicated larger miter sled with hold down toggle clamps. Is this something I could leave with the other sleds? Would love to have it available for others to use but wanted to check our policy for storing jigs/sleds.

There is getting to be a large collection of sleds already. I suspect because each of them has issues, so another was built. The problem with all of them is that the back fence cannot be adjusted. The sleds tend to not get treated well. If you want to build a sled, I would strongly suggest a design that allows it to be recalibrated to the tracks.

I also think that the sleds should be sorted, rebuilt, or trashed. Sleds are intended to make accurate cuts. If the sled cannot be calibrated, you just get repeatable poor cuts.

Appreciate the input! I don’t want to add to the clutter if I can help it.

I think I’m gonna go ahead and make the sled tonight (with adjustable back fence). If it ends up feeling like it adds value, I’ll consider leaving it- otherwise I’ll just use it for this project and then break it down for future jigs.

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If each of the sleds has it’s own purpose, then it’s a matter of finding a better way to organize. If they’re redundant, then they should be sorted and thinned out. A vertical storage rack would be better than the flat storage table that is currently there. They just stack on each other, fall off, etc… None of that is good for the longevity of a sled.

Sounds like a new project…

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Vertical storage for the win

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I’m picturing a giant Rolodex of sleds :slight_smile:

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…or maybe the door storage from Monsters Inc


Why not just do away with all those sleds and make this one?

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Yaaas! I like the idea of having one or two max well designed, adjustable sleds.