Neon required for access beginning 9/1/21

Dear Members,

For anyone whose membership is billed through Freshbooks: we are phasing out of Freshbooks and migrating all memberships to Neon.

We are making this change because Neon offers numerous advantages over Freshbooks, most notably the ability to connect our new keyfob entry system to Neon so that fobs are activated / deactivated in real time based on membership status. Starting September 1, only members with memberships purchased through Neon will be able to access the workshop space.

If you are still billed for your membership through Freshbooks, please take a moment to follow the steps outlined below to create a Neon account and continue your membership:

  1. Create a Neon Account – It’s important to use the same email address for all of Asmbly’s cloud-based services (Skedda, Neon, and the forthcoming fob entry system).
  2. Login & Purchase a Membership – Login to your Neon account from the dropdown menu select, “Purchase/Edit Membership”

Please email when you have purchased a Neon membership so that we can close your Freshbooks account and prorate any unused membership purchased through Freshbooks.

Let us know if you have any questions about creating a Neon account and purchasing your membership.

CC @leadership

I’m grandfathered into a lower monthly rate. How do I keep that rate and transfer to Neon?

Good question! Just email after you create your Neon account and we’ll put a flag in your account that adjusts the price.

Updated info on this in this post about OpenPath - READ ME - Shop Access Update - OpenPath