About the Help! OpenPath category

Use this category to ask questions about OpenPath. If you are having trouble getting access to OpenPath, first check to make sure you have met these requirements:

  • Have a Neon account with an active membership
    • Members using the legacy Freshbooks system can find more info here – Neon required for access beginning 9/1/21
    • To verify whether you have an active membership, login to your Neon portal here and select “Purchase/Edit Membership” from the dropdown menu.
  • Completed Asmbly membership agreement at asmbly.org/waiver
    • Must use the same email you used for your Neon account, otherwise the systems won’t link.
  • Completed Facility & Safety Tour and marked attendance.
    • If all the above have been verified and you do not receive the OpenPath invitation within 24 hrs, email membership@asmbly.org so we can verify your attendance has been marked.

@Jon is our OpenPath guru and your best go to if you’re having trouble. You can email him at ops@asmbly.org or create a post in this category and tag him.