Neon Member Portal New Look

With the new brand rollout, we also decided it was time to update the Neon Member Portal to bring it out of the 90s. The next time you login to the Member Portal, you should see those updates. Overall, the new portal has pretty much the same features as the old one, with a nicer looking skin and Asmbly-specific branding.

The new portal also makes donations much easier to find and setup if you feel so inclined. Those can be set as one-time donations or recurring monthly donations.

When you login to the portal, you’ll now see a dashboard showing relevant info.

If you have an active membership, you will see that and an option to manage your auto-renew in the box labeled “No active membership” in the picture above. Otherwise, it will look like the picture, with the option to start your membership. Alternatively, you can still click Purchase/Edit Membership in the nav menu to the left to do the same thing. That will pull up the new membership edit interface below. The first image is what you’ll see if you do not have an active membership. The second is what you’ll see if you do.

At any point, you can get back to the portal dashboard by clicking your profile in the top right, then clicking dashboard. The links in the header lead to the main site and the page.

You’ll find that the store and add-ons pages are much as they were before, with links to those pages now in the nav menu to the left.

You can edit your address/email/etc. via the Edit Profile link on the dashboard or through the corresponding link in the profile dropdown at the top right.

There, you can also upload a profile photo if you’d like. We are hoping to release a member directory soon (more to come), and that profile picture would show up in the directory if you choose to opt-in.

Mobile looks much the same as the desktop version, with the exception of the nav bar. On mobile, portal navigation is through the dropdown labeled “Dashboard” in the picture below. The hamburger menu holds the links to the main website and classes pages.

If you click the Dashboard dropdown, you’ll find all of the actual Neon portal pages, like below.

Please let us know if you find any bugs or other weirdness while navigating the new member portal!


Thank you for owning this migration @mkmiller6 and testing everything to make sure the changeover is seamless!


This looks great Matthew!

Neon has been consistently giving me a connection error every time I have tried to use it since about mid-day Saturday, and it looks like it still is after the update. I posted in the “Neon Help” section about it but so far I haven’t gotten any responses, so I figured here is a good place to leave some feedback as well.

I am starting to suspect this may only be happening to me because I haven’t seen anyone else indicate any issue, but I haven’t been able to resolve it, even by using a different browser and a VPN. Could someone please work with me to resolve this so I can get my membership set up and continue signing up for classes? Thanks in advance!

Oh hey! I just tried it one more time and suddenly it is working for me! UPDATE: Nevermind, it is down again. I was briefly able to connect and buy my membership, but now the site is giving me the same error as before.

Hey @kentsugi - I’m sorry to hear that Neon is being frustrating for you.

I hadn’t logged into Neon for a while, so I went to go check my own path on this, and everything seems as I expected (with new look and feel) as I logged on. Definitely ok to email

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That sounds super annoying, I’m sorry @kentsugi! I just responded to your other post on this. I have been in and out of the member portal a bit the last few days and I know @mkmiller6 has as well while working on this update. I haven’t seen this issue, but I also haven’t been taking actions in the portal, so maybe it’s only associated with actions involving payments?

@stepho and @valerie, thank you for your help! The site seems to be back to working for me for now :crossed_fingers:, but I will try to gather more debugging info if it recurs and keep further discussion of the issue tied to the other thread.

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