Member Work Day(s) - Jan/Feb 2022

We’ve got lots of big projects lining up for what would have been the next member work day, several of which we really don’t want to delay. However, we’re also still amidst a COVID surge that is the biggest yet for our area and still not even fully peaked. Since many of these projects are ready to start now and are best executed with small groups of people anyway, we’re going to break up what we would have set out as being a single big Member Work Day into several smaller project specific work days.

Checkout the list below to see what’s on the agenda to tackle and who your point of contact is for getting involved. Questions? Ask away on this thread!

Project List and Leads

  • Lobby flooring - @jamesfreeman (already in progress with a few people)
  • Workshop door/wall work - @jamesfreeman
  • Electronics room window install - @jamesfreeman
  • Electronics room electrical - TBD
  • Dust collector install - @Jon
  • Specialty Tool Locker Cabinet - @cfstaley
  • Dorian hookup - TBD
  • Laser workstation creation (pending design competition) - TBD
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Q: What about the SNACKS?!?!

Not sure the answer to this one yet. I’m thinking we maybe figure out a snack budget for each project. I’ll take a look at what our food spending has been for the last one and try to figure out some good scaled figures for this.

Hi Valerie! I would love to donate some snacks as well! Anybody who helps improve this amazing space deserves it!

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Thank you @Hdeit! @jamesfreeman should not be shy about this and speak up on when he’s working on lobby renovations :slight_smile: I think the tool cabinet build (Help build new tool storage lockers) would be a good day for snacks too.

I love doing electrical work (electrical engineer by degree) and have experience doing so at my previous home.

If y’all need help still let me know!

Awesome! We could use the help with the dust collector install, and moving tools around, along with associated outlets. Often that requires panel work. 220V, etc…