Help build new tool storage lockers

As one of our member work days projects, we’re building a new tool locker storage system for high end tools that require training like the Shaper Origin and Festool Domino. This locker system has an OpenPath controller that will hook up to each compartment and allow only the right people access to the right compartments. It’s being built in the alcove where the Blue laser used to live and will start out with 8 compartments, eventually expanding up to 16.

@JennChilds is the lead on this and a professional cabinet maker. If you’d like to work with her on this project, post here or reach out to her directly. It’s a great opportunity to learn cabinet making from a professional while also helping out the space!


I’m definitely interested in this. Is there a set date yet?

I would love to help with the cabinet making. Please let me know what dates (I will not be available some dates in April).
Mike Voigt

I’d like to join the build effort if it happens in March.

@JennChilds do you have a date in mind for work on this project?

Thanks for your interest in helping with the cabinet build, everyone. These will be frameless-style cabinets with a fixed mid-shelf to split them in two. I’m planning to use the Domino for construction. :wink:

I would like to work on this project in early March. I’ll get the shop drawings made this week and then build a shopping list/cut list from that. Can you give me a general idea of your availbility - day vs evening, weekday vs weekend? Then I’ll put together a doodle with specific dates when we get a little closer.


Do we need to pay fees or take a class on the origin or can we just start using it?

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If your still looking for Volunteers to help, I would be very interested in helping and learning.


That would be great, Art. Thanks.

Is there a plan on how the locking mechanism works?

I have an electromagnetic cabinet security lock from an experiment that didn’t work out, I was planning to return it but you can try it out.

Same stuff as the electromagnetic door locks on our exterior doors, just scaled down for cabinet security. Fail-open. Takes a few watts so it won’t run on small batteries for long.

Can’t remember if @Jon had something lined up for the locking mechanism. I want to say that was not included with the control board from OpenPath that drives it.

I ordered a couple samples of readily-available locks from Amazon. They’re in coworking on the stack of openPath parts.

They’re intended for package lockers.

I still need to find lighted buttons for the control panel, and probably time relays to limit the duty cycles of the locks.

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Hi Jenn, I’d be interested in helping in exchange for some cabinet building experience. I also have a DF 500 I can bring in if it will help the work go faster with two machines. I’m available most weekday mornings and evenings, ~830AM to ~11AM and anytime after 7PM. Weekends I could help out a couple of hours here and there but it’s not as easy as weekdays.


I would love to get in on this if you still need a few hands. My availability is Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and weekends from noon to evening